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t - shirt v - neck t - shirt v - neck V-neck T-shirt for men and women. Somewhat slimmer with a more modern fit and neatly ribbed neck. Made from a cool, fine quality cotton. Cottover offers clothes made with consideration to pe H[H[\ۛY[ H\Y[\B\YYYHHܙXXX[ [RUV [ۈ\ L Hܙ[X[Z\YKX\YYY H\YYYXYY]Hܚ]\XHوHܙ[\][ۈۈHX[[\˜Y[[\[[H[XY ݙ\\[XX[X]\ݙ\]X[]KX[ [\ۛY[[[ܚ[ۙ][ۜ˂M L M L BPSQBXXΈ L HXX[Z\YKXۈXXΈ L HXX[Z\YKXۂ^N H ^N HXX[H\ 2XX[H\ 2悕ZY MH ZY MH KLHYX\Έ8K HH ̍HYX\Έ8 L KLHYX\Έ8K HH ̍HYX\Έ8 L B[ŒL ]BLTTL MB B\\BL Bٙ]B]\BMBY[ŒLܘ[B Y BܙY[̍BHYB͍œX[ MB]B B\BN \[NLX