Cosmopolitan June 2018 - Page 83

Printed bralet, H&M; sheer tulle dress with slit, Sunaina Khera; tulle skirt, Namrata Joshipura; earrings, Rosentiques Fine Jewellery On the tray: Mettalica Pumps, Vincenzio Robertina; Bae True Love Embellished Pointed Court Shoes, Dune Shot at Duplex Suite, Renaissance Mumbai Convention Centre Hotel J acqueline Fernandez walks into the Duplex Suite at the Renaissance Mumbai Convention Hotel, where the Cosmo cover shoot is taking place. We’re rushing for time, but before she settles into her make-up chair, it’s warm hugs and greetings all around. She squeals when she sees Shaan Muttathil, her long-time make-up artist and friend, and jumps up to hug him. And suddenly the room is filled with energy. That’s Jackie (yes, she likes being called that)—exactly what you see her as on social media—warm, giggly, and surprisingly friendly. “That’s just how I am. I’m always, or at least, I always try to be happy and nice to people. But it often makes them think that it’s just a facade, you know what I mean?” she declares. I nod in agreement FOR MORE GREAT STORIES, VISIT COSMO.IN She smiles at the waiter, and asks for a cup of coffee, explaining that she’s feeling a little dazed. She’s wrapping up the last leg of Race 3 , which means crazy working hours. But there is no ‘skimmed milk, decaf, no sugar’ addendum. Jackie just wants a no-tantrum, regular cappuccino, if you will. That’s pretty much who she in a nutshell— authentic. FEBRUARY 2018 COSMOPOLITAN 000