Cosmopolitan June 2018 - Page 73

Distressed jeans, Forever 21, `2,039; So Kate Loubitag pumps, Christian Louboutin, `48,500 What happens when you merge the comfort of mom jeans with the swagger of distressed denim? Kaboom. And that’s what this pair is... All you need is a plain white shirt and super-high heels, and this pair will make you look so good. Mom-Approved Jeans, Levi’s, `3,099; platform sneakers, Aldo, `8,999 Cropped jeans, Bhane, `2,900; embellished sliders, Vanilla Moon, `6,990 Flared Fantasy The ’70s left with a great present—flared jeans, the easiest and most stylish way to time travel to that amazing era. Bonus: if you’ve got chunky thighs, this pair has got the power to make you look tall and lean. Win. Pastel Pairings What’s amazing about this pair in a sea of pastels out there is that it’s made of cotton spandex. Meaning: it’s breathable and will give a great shape to your legs, thanks to the stretchable material. Plus, doesn’t the colour remind you of sweet, sweet macarons? JUNE 2018 COSMOPOLITAN 000