Cosmopolitan June 2018 - Page 72

fast glam IT ’S THE DENIM AWA R D S Always wanted a squad like Tay Swift? Meet your 16 new BFFs (yes!)... They’re not people, but the most coveted denim pieces on the planet RN (which will eventually turn you into the most-stylish human). By Zunaili Malik; Photographs: Irina Usova; Text: Meghna Sharma White Walker Mid-rise jeans, Levi’s, `3,499; embellished sliders, Vanilla Moon, `5,490 Denim jacket, ONLY, `4,499 The Patchwork Jacket The plain ol‘ denim jacket is so #Basic. But add some patches to the mix, and it instantly gets a ‘chill’ vibe. Why do you need this piece in your closet? Well, it’s street-style approved, goes with literally everything, and it’s hipster and posh at the same time. 72 COSMOPOLITAN JUNE 2018 A great summer staple, this chalky pair has all the ingredients that make up a cool look—summer- approps colour, ripped at the right places, frayed hem, and a great fit. Plus, it’s super- easy to style: think monochrome, florals, or gilded accessories.