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MAY 2018, `150 It is possib le to fix COSMO BLOGGER AWARDS 2018 Bad Sex Final.ind COSMOPOLITAN MAY 2018 d 2-3 WHEN…TH E’S AN UNWANTED ER TWIST , G —Shreya Messy Fringe HOT, HOT HOT... Double Braids —Nishtha Tiwari SAY NO TO BAD SEX “Bad Sex Happens. But It Doesn’t Have to Happen Again was a pretty cool story. It happens ever-so-often when you start dating a new person, but I’ll definitely be using all the tips and tricks to turn an average sesh into a steamy one. Also, how cute was Shady Business? I want to bring home all of those cute dogs and cats... Never seen anything this adorable.” — Shivani Sethi ALL THINGS BEAUTY “I love stories like ‘These are My Holiday Essentials’—not only do you get to know about COSMOPOLITAN JUNE 2018 Thampi Gaurav Gupta WHEN...A HO T SITCH GOES CO & LD 2018 FOR MORE GREAT d 1 y2018.ind Award_Ma tion. FEM COSMO.IN ME STORIES, VISIT A person who express es identifie and/or s with feminin and/or describ ity, es gender exp that disr ressions upt trad constru itio cts of fem nal ininity. ons in ch a per son with a reprod is born uctive sexu MAY al ana 2018 tom COSMOPOLITAN or y (sex 000 chrom oso genitali mes, externa a, l interna and/or an l reprod system uct ) that doe ive into soc sn’t fit 07/05/18 iety’s def either male or initions of female. For ma ny GAY LESBIAN sexualit people, ge nd A person A wom an the bin y are more co er and toward who is attracte emotio who is ary s peo nally, phy same gen ple of the d and/or woman, of being eit mplicated tha sexually sically der. n toward attr `1,050 And wh heterosexua her a man or s the sam acted GENDER e gender l or homo ile the a CLEAN . list of ter cover the COME A social PANSEXUAL or roots to constru ms cann sexual. to clas Blast on bangs : micro- ful l A ct sp Bonus se per use oil. ec son sify xuality, d absorb adds sexy man, wom a person as toward who is attracte Bum it’s a gr trum of gend ot crystalline starch a s people ge Baby d an, or t ea er . yo oth gen of all Sun Bum SPF 30, t some Dry an u educ volume er iden ders/se Back To Life tity. xes. ated. starting point d 2. BBLUNT, `550 JAJ to oo, `2,174 BA Shamp ASEXUA GENDE HA QUEER KR ES R NER ID (Here) Kresha A sexu L A DESIG FLU An skincare. with CURL POWER this sea salt- Hit reboot with sing setting infused texturi spray. Sea Salt 1. TONI&GUY Spray, Texturising al orie or ntation charact Rocking a braid erised of this by not feeling twist? A bit sexual and hold. adds luster attracti NALS des PROFESSIO ire in the on or 3. WELLA way t Shine we und erstand s EIMI Just Brillian mainstr Pomade, `675 , SLEEP IN.indd ACTOR g, the only “While travellin about is care two things I d skin hydrate keeping my I know it’s and protected. a lot of drink cliché, but I ts my skin preven (it water g out due to from breakin one ends food junk all the carry a non- up eating), and riser. That’s greasy moistu Cream is BB+ why Pond’s nion—it’s a a travel compa sunscreen and moisturiser, all rolled into spot-corrector minimal make- one. I wear lip Pond’s White on an oil-rich up, and rely add Beauty All-In- cheek tint to a and One BB+ balm to my face; Fairness Cream , some colour wet wipes ing SPF 30 PA+++ and refresh d `390 skin hydrate to keep my ” flights. ul during long-ha BEAUTY BAG Final.indd here) (Above and Ileana D’Cruz in Fiji holidaying STORIES, VISIT COSMO.IN 2-3 7:39 pm Kareena Kapoor Khan with friends in Goa Diksha wa ni, Yoga Ins Lal tructor “I’ve been practicing yoga for the past six years, and daily it’s a cliché I know when I say this, but it has comp letely transf orme my life. I feel stronger —bot d menta lly and physically— h it has helpe and d me impro ve my relationship with mysel f. I was stuck in a bad job and a terrible relationship , and yoga helped me overcome all of when I decid that. And that’s ed with the world to share this gift instructor— and become an it has helpe d me step into my powe r as a lightw orker.” Lakmé Absolute Argan in Oil Lip Color Mauve It, `750 SHIF TERS Big Fashion Yogini Final.ind the products your favourite peeps on Insta are using, it’s access to a lot of great information as well. Plus, how useful was Skip Styling, Sleep In? It’s definitely every lazy girl’s dream come true.” — Aishwarya Sehgal BLOGGER’S CONVENTION “I’ve been following the Cosmo Blogger Awards right from the beginning and even voted for my favourite ones. It looked like such a fun event—I was constantly glued to my Insta as I didn’t want to miss out on anything. It’s great that you guys recognise and push talented people from all spheres.” —Anshikha Sharma THE REAL-LIFE YOGINIS “Oh. My. God. My jaw dropped when I saw the Shape Shifters feature. How amazing do these women look?! And their stories...the way yoga helped them mentally and physically was just so inspiring. You guys have also been doing a lot of features on the LGBTQI+ community, and the glossary was so insightful.” —Nikita Dayal FOR MORE GREAT STORIES, VISIT COSMO.IN 07/05/18 om May Lindstr n The Blue Cocoo Beauty Balm Concentrate, .com, maylindstrom `11,990 approx ton is more’— is ‘less Styli ng: with everything I Julian; philosophy “My beauty is prepped Samar on ut; Rajp Inter beauty bag always have view ts that s: I Meg travelling, my the two produc ite favour Sha te, my hna But rma could need. te Kohl Ultima ed with Lakmé Absolu now, I’m obsess me are the moment (right Color in Mauve It).” lipstick of the Lip te Argan Oil Lakmé Absolu MAY 2018 COSMOPOLITAN MY TRAVEL n Jo Malone Velvet Rose & Oud Dry Body Oil, price on request ACTOR FOR MORE GREAT 000 7:04 pm Bajaj in Paris; and in sex and (right) gen as two dist Baham der into inct, opp forms: male and osite Exclud female. es does not anyone who this old identify with -fashio ned way underst anding of sexuality . live and breathe yoga, model the most coveted swimsuits of and let us the season, in on how this ancient Indi R an physical, Lakmé OO AP tal and K men spir te K AR EE NA has changed itual art Absolu Kohl their lives. Ultima te, Photographs KH AN when I’m `750 : Cols and 1 2 4:18 pm SHAPE person um hing to do FASHION brella my has everyt se gen all the ‘nutrie identity who to nts’ describ te term used “For me, beauty carry der and ing, exp I ress er. My absolu e multip while ts, travell And shif rsec Beauty le and ion of weath inte whe in any kind Cocoon ting need the iden would within, out skin bet skin tities rom The Blue ween, May r Lindst keeps of my (it side are or outside Youth Dew the cisg gen ials as end hetero (it works essent The der nor er, Elixir sexual ntrate and of Balm Conce ms. Farsali Rose Gold Dry It’s ression Oud exp a reje & ctio eam attr Rose ed and fresh), hydrat Malone Velvet action. of er . GENDE nor Body Crème n (weath mative primer), Jo constru an excelle R nt NON-B & Blush Suede ial FRIZZ FIX ginger AN Bum A essent Sun of DROGYNE gen Oil, and Peony INARY gen Bum cts r Baby der. Bei Powde identity skin very dry), isn’ Infused with Body der ng que exp thus A extrac per t, Perfecting erience t ting the es make my or er Hydra and iden oil and osman detangles son chang sam Halo tha Smash box tifying e ups).” oil outside t embra BISEXUAL as bein a range 40, and hom t for touch- this leave-in your hair g SPF of exp and is perfec osexual or bay, ces to binary— of the gender ress at ion A person and (it ‘gay shine adds shine way keeps ’. s feel. neit s emotio who is without a filmy nor a wom her a man resonat of being tha TRANSG nally, phy t e Oil and/or 4. L'ORÉAL som Mythic an, and/or beyond for an individ A range ENDER etimes NNEL sexually sically ual the bin of iden Two- PROFESSIO, both. to both attr ary. and exp tities Spray, careth Second men and acted Detangling erience BINARY HETERO people s women. Twist `1,021 whose of The clas Crazy-Sexy CISGENDE gender A person SEXUAL identity We got sificatio Curls and/or who is so flawless? A person R n of to the differs exp their ys GREAT look opposit attracted from soc ression alwa VISIT COSMO.IN keep whose en STORIES, that e 000 iden gender expecta iety ucts COSMOPOLI tity is the gender . tions bas ’s jet-setting wom uty FOR MORE TAN MAY beauty prod ma how same as d LITAN 2018 INTERSEX on the ed 1:46 pm dere off-d 2018 30/04/18 MAY won ir their Shar assi Ever gned 000 COSMOPO to let us in on A genera at birth. . By Meghna l term tters Not all sex for people trans y’ All. The. Time FOR MORE 13 globe-tro Your Basic underg GREAT STORI Five wom a en, LGBT face ‘filter read ES, VISIT QI+ Glos COSMO.IN who transition. o medical sary.indd SHINE ON Flyaway Fix ILE AN A D’C RU Z, Jai al Aditi Mitt ‘aliens’ with the “I met Mohi Present t on seen. We starte a flight, and he was the hottest guy I’d ever one date later, d talking and excha A he invited INDI nged numbers, guy’s incre me over to and just dibly his that was even hot; let’s do this!’ Turns place. I was like, ‘This vaguely intere out, my shirt off! sting for me— he did nothing There was he didn’t even no foreplay, just so bad!” take even kissin g. At all! It by was Powered You LGB r T Ba sic Glossa QI+ ry RE “ T H E S E L I A D AY MY HO ALS” ESSENTI fast glam WHAT'S IN “...that’s what I thought when I saw Disha Patani on the May cover. She looks so good (and I’m totally envious of those abs!) Body aside, I loved how unabashedly honest she was in the interview. Her journey is inspiring, and she seems like a really grounded person.” Mehra 48% 1 London 10/05/18 2:51 pm and Kohli Kareena Kapoor Khan a and Karism Kapoor in Cover May18 4Colour.indd 1 ari Raja Kum Ridhi Bhushan Anand s in the award the blogger arded biggest ed and aw ent... 18—the ognis ay ev ards 20 Di Wills, rec g the two-d 000 gger Aw nza durin India Blo ma and Esse went down tan oli smop d by Fia . Here’s what The Co —presente /18 ustry DEMISEXU 10/05 AL country ent in the ind tal best 2 3 Summer’s Coolest Fashion Finds Inside! 34 Seema Blogger SIMPLE STYLING TIPS YOU’LL LOVE upfront TAKE CHARGE 4 SKIP STYLING DIRTY HAIR, DON’T CARE and Mittal Alpana Agarwal Malini HALT THE If he goes GIVE for ACTION something FEEDBACK Can’t deal unexpected at Ideally, the all? Sexologist and not your ‘limits’ talk Megan Stubb style but you s TAKE CHARGE should happe —Arushi K., suggests n 27 want to keep HALT THE ACTIO Grab his hand before saying, ‘I’m N and the mome GIVE FEEDBACK If you want by Hyatt put it on a hopping into ntum not yle Hotel to remov no-fail into that, y Lifest e Const going, say: yours A Luxur hotspot, like ructive In a bed, but both ‘We so elf from a if that’s your can talk about criticism sur vey ask selfish shagg breast, and of you can post-r what you’re omp ing ing people still say, ‘I that later, can about experience— up like gen share but the to odds be your der OPOLITAN looking for, touch wha and do that the ed t the so what if we next time identity and ir MAY 2018 COSM y with e minim right here’. deal maker do (if you want sex it’s not al at birth wer orie Or show s assigne ual this instea nta one) drama tion d will be better , him how it’s and break d?’ —speak your happening ers . done Then guide with in the “Say, ‘I liked piece clearl O.IN with your own moment when y: “‘I was me’. It’s a VISIT COSM said him to your firm you were feeling GREAT STORIES, they stroki hands. This or afterwards, earlier, weren’t answer that A person FOR MORE this ng shifts favourite me here’,” familiar but with who his now says focus ma sugge I’m Carol only not so clearly states easily feel ny of sts the and s sexu into move. Carol. Then alterna ally it. effectively, to Queen, PhD, I had give tive attr your case. a withou acte fun a som t eon tonigh d tip: ‘But I’m killing the term sexologist. e with t, but I need not s. crazy who sexy vibe. to m the go’,” about s Megan. variety having my *ss emotio y hav advise e nal con an grabbed’. of conditi nec whi These runway t produc styles and picks make look lived-in locks fresh. COACH IT’S GETTIN‘ HOT IN HERE S., 31 DIRTY HAIR, DON’T CARE Nikhil LIN SKIP S E T P Y IN! SLE Meet All the Winners THE LOVE LIFE TIP THAT WILL CHANGE YOUR LIFE and Sethi wla Sunil Cha Kalyani Kayaan tor Contrac blah sessio ns though, says Jill McD evitt, PhD, a sexologist and wellness coach sexual- . There is never a need just to suffer throu gh it, she explains: “Alwa “On our fifth date, Anan that you can ys know how we lost d and I starte stop and our virginities. d talking about check in at college, nice I went first any time guy, totally (first year during sex.” had sex with basic), and of he told me one person, Can that feel he’d only After a solid one time, about a year make-out Sure, at first. awks? session, heavy earlier. nakedness But it’s well in his bedro petting led worth it to om. my body, then to in He pinballed time have better sex. ng his way aroun Follow this penetrated styli few minutes finally and cut guide for how d the s corre of bunny tool ct to handle a orific plus ets, e. A the ld hot ing lame h ‘Wou later, secr you like me hump hair he politely We have severa lust life. Ditc were to put ay nd-d asked it seco in askin your butt? By Lauren , our g, ‘May I get the y text ’ as if he for whatever’s l solutions half with surprise and ever door for ure. amiss. you?’ He ics said, for ‘Oh, saw ma) ry tact my hna Shar sorry. g it from behin I’m air-d gettin Meg I thoug ht women Inpu d.’” ts By liked amo (With FOR Bals MORE GREAT STORIES, VISIT COSMO.IN 000 and Gandhi ar Rahul Madhuk Dinaz Deepti Deepika j Baja Nitya and Birla Anirudh a Dayal Anupam Vadnal fast glam ED INSPIR Gill, Ranna Subba, Valaya Prerna and JJ Javed, Javed, Shiraz Ansari Fariha In the midst of the #Me sex is mak Too moveme ing phrase has a tonne of headlines. nt, bad become an The everything umbrella term from a con for sensual-bu encounter t-lacklustre to intercourse. borderline coercive .. By Julie ...HERE, WE’RE FOCUSIN G on the former: intim acy between two willing partners that falls short of satisfying. Because while all great be consensual sex must —and include comm unication, passion, and pleasure for both partie s—not all consensual sex Some is pretty is great. awful, wheth damn er it’s with a one-night stand or a long- term lover. U KEEP YO JOB TO and Gupta Gaurav Bhalla Nandini Richa Chadha “I’ll Make It Clear, Tiger Shroff and I are NOT Dating.” R IT’S OU DISHA PATANI HOW TO TURN BAD SEX INTO GOOD SEX LIST Y T S E LIF Bad S Happe e n x s. But It oe sn’t Have t D o Happen Ag ain You Tell Us May Issue love & lust FOR MORE GREAT STORIES, VISIT LITAN MAY 2018 COSMOPO 000 COSMO.IN 30/04/18 1:24 pm Glitter swims com, `20,40 uit, normaswimw ear. `999; sanda 5; socks, Adidas, Light Orchid ls, Zara, `5,990; `9,890; and Pierced Earrings, Angelic Squar Bracelet, e `9,890; both watch, Just Swarovski; Cavalli, `12,03 0 d 2-3 Won It! 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