Cosmopolitan June 2018 - Page 28

contents 122 June The this-season way to do denim right. 39 Including Cosmo Ed Nandini Bhalla’s favourite labels, the new breed of social media influencers taking over the ’Gram, your personality type as per the style of jeans you pick, and more... Fast Glam 47 48 50 51 52 54 56 58 60 62 64 68 70 72 78 80 #SaveOurSkin It’s the Glam Squad Be All Eyes Tame ’Em Tresses Fix Any Eye Situation Testing Waters... 6 Burning SPF Qs Answered Beauty Scoop Sweet Dreams are Made of This... Pin Up, Girl Denim for Days Wrap It Up Shoot Some Hoops It’s the Denim Awards Street Style Style News Love & Lust 94 28 2018 96 Upfront Why Sexting is Good for You COSMOPOLITAN JUNE 2018 82 Jackie reveals the one thing she hates about social media. F*ckboys... Why Can’t We Say No? You, You, You 100 Is Your Life On- Trend? Introducing the New Buzzword: Lagom Body Love On the Cover 82 Covergirl Jacqueline Fernandez Our June 106 “I Lost Weight and Became More Insecure” 108 When You Feel All Alone 110 The Law of ‘F*ck Yes’ Will Change Your Life covergirl talks about her Bollywood journey, the skincare products she can’t live without, and why everyone needs to love their bodies. 86 The Fine Art of Having Casual Sex Yes, it’s possible. Read our guide to know more... 90 Food + Sex = Woah! A comprehensive list of food items that’ll guarantee an ‘Oh yes!’ in the bedroom. Fashion & Beauty 92 Let’s Agree to Stop Falling for Mr Jerk 121 130 146 150 104 Master the Art of Doing Nothing Why it’s super-important to switch off every once in a while. Opener Colour Riot Beauty Expert Lust List Lifestylist 152 The Cosmo Beauty Weekend is Back 156 A Stylish Soirée In Every Issue 32 34 36 114 116 158 160 162 Because we all deserve a great guy. 112 Why You Need an F-You Fund It’ll give you the courage to get out of a bad work situation among other things. 140 Keeping Up With the Koreans The latest beauty news from the land of cushion compacts, sheet masks, and off-the-shelf nose jobs. From the Editor You Tell Us Confessions Ask Cosmo Anything Quiz Astro Shopping Guide Last Word FOR MORE GREAT STORIES, VISIT COSMO.IN The Cover Look! Photographer: Abhay Singh; Styling: Samar Rajput; Hair and Make-Up: Shaan Muttathil using TRESemmé and The Body Shop; Location Courtesy: Renaissance Mumbai Convention Centre Hotel, Mumbai. Jacket, Christian Dior; corset, Sunaina Khera; jeans, Lee; Asher Cut Choker, Prakshi Fine Jewelry, Baby-G Watch, Casio.