Cosmopolitan June 2018 - Page 158

bedside astrologer COSMO ASTRO GET A SNEAK PEAK AT WHAT TO LOOK FORWARD TO...AND WHAT TO WATCH OUT FOR! Cancer Leo Virgo 21.06–22.07 Focus on: putting aside the erotic novel because your IRL romance is about to get intense. You’ll be a real sweet talker when Mercury moves into your sign on the 12th. And putting yourself out there will stack the cards in your favour for a super-sexy 27th. 23.07–22.08 Focus on: bringin‘ all the boys to your yard. Your aura is magnetic! Lovers and friends will flock to you this month. Venus, the planet of love, makes its once-a-year visit to your sign on the 13th, so between then and July 9th, your sex life will be turbo-charged! 23.08–22.09 Focus on: work, you’re about to strike gold, girl. This month will bring huge opportunities around the New Moon on the 13th. Weigh your options to make sure you pick the biggest payoff. On the 27th, wherever you are, a sexy someone awaits... Libra Scoripo Sagittarius Capricorn (Birthday girls, clockwise from left): Sonakshi Sinha, Angelina Jolie, Naomi Campbell, Natalie Portman, and Sonam Kapoor-Ahuja GEMINI 05.22–06.20 Focus on: yourself. This summer will be long as you get real about your finances by the 5th. The New Moon on the 13th will have you feeling Gemini AF, and that means an itch to roam! Make travel plans that involve reconnecting with old buds. Someone swoon-worthy will vibe you hard when flirty Venus opposes Mars on the 21st. 158 COSMOPOLITAN JUNE 2018 23.10–21.11 Focus on: kicking off your month of clarity with whatever escape comes your way, because you’ll want a fresh perspective for the second half of the month. On the 21st, big news will enlighten you. If personal stuff is in flux, sort things out when assertive Mars goes retrograde on the 26th. 22.11–21.12 Focus on: sharpening your flirting skills. You have spring fever, and everyone is going to be there for it. One suitor will shine during the New Moon on the 13th. Get on the same page before know. After the 26th, when Mars goes retrograde, you might rethink things, so don’t lock yourself in. Aquarius Pisces 22.12–19.01 Focus on: having fun. The 5th brings closure to a stressor, which means you can enjoy all that fun in the sun and plenty of sexxx. Once the Sun moves into your zone of partnerships on the 21st, you won’t be alone for long, and you’ll be super- magnetic around the 27th. 20.01–18.02 Focus on: trusting your gut! The New Moon on the 13th falls in your zone of true love and fun, making it the perfect time to bust a move on a boo if you’ve got that tingly feeling. After Mars goes retrograde on the 26th, you’ll be ready to go after something new career-wise too. 19.02–20.03 Focus on: keeping an eye out for a new boo—this month will be electric. Don’t shy away from sparks, especially on the 5th. All that lovin‘ will leave you bursting with confidence and creativity. When you hit a job snag on the 21st, problem-solve rather than play the blame game. Aries Taurus 21.03–19.04 Focus on: striking a balance, but don’t let that cause you to make ill-informed snap decisions on the 5th. The Sun moves into your domestic zone on the 21st, so if you’ve been thinking about moving, do it! Once your ruler, Mars, goes retrograde on the 26th, sit back and think about your #Goals. Focus on: bracing yourself for ch-ch-changes. If you stumble across a sweetie, go slow because he may not be what he seems. When your ruler, Venus, moves into your domestic zone on the 13th, spruce things up and throw a party chez you. A pretty nest will help you weather a work whirlwind around the 27th. GEMINI GUY DAVE FRANCO 12.06.85 Your man is in motion. He loves being busy, especially when you are by his side. Hop on. You won’t want to miss the places you go together. 20.04–21.05 FOR MORE GREAT STORIES, VISIT COSMO.IN By: AURORA TOWER 23.09–22.10 Focus on: busting out the bucket list. It’s a great time for travel, so go explore places you’ve never been to. You’ll be feeling celebratory after big work news around the 5th. You have a lot of good stuff to sort through, so host an adorably cheesy gratitude dinner on the 23rd.