Cosmopolitan June 2018 - Page 141

@HEYBIBLEE Petal Cheeks Frien dly E yes UP WITH W IT OREANS Heart- Shape d F ‘good’ skin can accelerate your career and off-the- growing up. By Ingeborg van Lotringen “ FOR MORE GREAT STORIES, VISIT COSMO.IN ace V ere is ze make-up artiste? Zea girl looks greasy.” I’m caught in a culturally sensitive stand- off between a French photographer and his model, the South Korean movie star and new face of Flower By Kenzo perfume, Tae-Ri Kim. She’s radiant in the Seoul evening light streaming through the windows of our penthouse suite. In fact, she looks almost, er, moist. Or, in Korean parlance, chok chok. And that’s exactly how she, and her bemused make-up artist, like it. Because the perfect face, according to Koreans, is translucently clear, free of any dark spots, blotches or even pores, and hyper-hydrated. They like to refer to it as ‘glass skin’ and, by Confucius, they all have it. JUNE 2018 COSMOPOLITAN 141