Cosmopolitan June 2018 - Page 100

you, you, you IS YOUR LIFE ON-TREND? INTRODUCING THE NEW BUZZWORD: LAGOM Wondering what obsession you’ll be spending your money on this year? Mel Evans explores our fascination with the latest lifestyle trend du jour, all the way from Sweden. 100 COSMOPOLITAN JUNE 2018 FOR MORE GREAT STORIES, VISIT COSMO.IN 2016 WAS THE YEAR WE DISCOVERED ‘HYGGE’ —the Danish concept of surrounding yourself with the finer things in life and basically just fully embracing the whole ‘treat yourself’ palaver (most images around this trend involve fireplaces, cosy rugs, and mugs of hot chocolate). But more recently, we crossed the Skagerrak straight into Sweden and discovered lagom. The Swedes have been living la vida lagom since back in the Viking era, and the whole shebang is roughly translated to mean ‘enough, sufficient, adequate, just right’ (the translation itself only gives us what we need to know and nothing more). Lagom is a lifestyle rooted in moderation: you have enough, you like what you have, but it’s not about having the most, or best. You’re basically a saint with belongings. Isn’t that nice?