Cosmopolitan August 2018 - Page 88

love & lust ...that will totally spice up your sex life. 2. Video-chat bae, then tell them to keep their hands where you can see ’em while you pleasure yourself. Once you’ve finished, it’s their turn to climax while you watch. 3. Text your SO your favourite sex memory. Start with ‘Remember when...’, then ask them to keep the hot-retelling going (in detail). Later, use your vivid back-and-forth as erotic inspo for a solo sex session. 4. Send audio files of questions like, ‘Would you rather kiss my neck or my nipples?’ to your partner. “Hearing someone’s voice brings fantasies to life,” says US-based sex and relationship therapist Megan Fleming, PhD. 5. Drop a pin in your Maps app on a location where you’ve fantasised about getting it on. Send your love the pin with the title My Bang Bucket List. 6. Download a free kinky app like Kindu, which lets you and your boo press Yes, No, or Maybe on new fantasies and sex positions, then see if you match. 88 COSMOPOLITAN AUGUST 2018 FOR MORE GREAT STORIES, VISIT COSMO.IN 7. Set your phone’s timer for three minutes, then start having sex, says US-based sexologist Megan Stubbs. At the buzzer, switch positions, then repeat until you find the move that makes you both go wild. 8. Use your banking app to send your lover some cash. In the comment section of the transaction, write: ‘Your challenge? Find us something sexy to play with tonight.’ 9. Tape the audio of your next hot hookup (with your lover’s consent) via Voice Memos. When you’re out to eat later that week, casually replay the file. 10. Set your phone to vibrate (with a free app like iVibe Vibrating Massager) as bae’s going down on you. Then hold your buzzing phone against your nipples to feel erotic tingles above and below. 11. Screenshot a photo of a position you find online, doodle I want this! over the image using a photo-editing app, then text it. 12. Snap and send close-up pics of your curves and make your partner guess which area of your bod they’re from. But do so in a safe, private, and encrypted text ing app, like Dust, n says Fleming. 12 Sexy Things to Do With Your Phone... 1. Turn on the flashlight feature in your dark bedroom to illuminate different parts of your clothed body. Instruct your mate to follow your lead and remove each piece of clothing you focus the light on.