Cosmopolitan August 2018 - Page 86

love & lust TOTAL BODY SEX Here are 17 ways you can get an ‘Oh, yes!’ in the bedroom. By Julie Vadnal 86 COSMOPOLITAN AUGUST 2018 when stimulated in the right way, can lead a woman to orgasm,” says Keith Blanchard, who researched the topic for his new book It’s All In Your Head. Let this be your guide to discovering all your O-zones. BRAIN Fantasising about an erotic hook-up activates the area of your brain associated with orgasms, and sends arousing oxytocin throughout your system. This is why experts call the mind your largest sex organ, why some women can think themselves off, and why 37 percent can reach their peak while they’re sleeping. EARS The nub between your lobe and the tip of your outer ear is the cymba, and someone touching it can give you serious chills. If they gently lick your earlobes too, it can make you think of other places you want them to use their tongue. FOR MORE GREAT STORIES, VISIT COSMO.IN LIPS While only some women claim they’ve orgasmed from giving a BJ (who are these unicorns?), it’s true that your pout is one of your most sensitive, nerve- concentrated parts. Vary up your kissing from quick pecks to running your tongue along each other’s lips to amp up excitement. NECK In a recent survey, women ranked the nape of their necks higher than breasts as a seriously erogenous J ohn Mayer was right: your body is a wonderland...of climactic possibilities! It contains tonnes of different nerve endings that, when touched, send signals to your brain that can turn you on. And when you’re already in a sexy headspace, your partner trailing their fingers across a certain hot spot can be enough to trigger an earthquake down below. “It’s even been reported that the neck and toes,