Cosmopolitan August 2018 - Page 36

upfront “A good morning message from my husband.” THE LAST THING YOU DO BEFORE BED? “I text him goodnight. This has become a routine because we are in different time zones usually.” WHAT BOOK IS ON YOUR BEDSIDE TABLE WAITING TO BE READ? “I take my time with books as I read two to three books simultaneously. The one that I’m really enjoying at the moment is called Attached by Amir Levine and Rachel SF Heller. An all time favourite that I always have on me is called What Makes You Not A Buddhist by Dzongsar Jamyang Khyentse.” My Cultured Life Actor Radhika Apte, star of the much recommended Netflix Originals series, Sacred Games, shares what’s keeping her entertained this month. WHAT’S YOUR PHONE SCREENSAVER? “It’s a picture of mugs with breasts engraved on them. A friend posted it on her IG and I had to make it my screensaver.” THE LAST PERSON YOU FOLLOWED ON INSTAGRAM? “An American Asian, Neil Bajaj.” THE LAST THING THAT MADE YOU LAUGH? “My husband singing to me on the phone.” THE LAST THING YOU GOOGLED? FAVOURITE EMOJI? “A friend and I were chatting and he used the lighting emoji and I realised I’ve never used that before.” “The last three things I Googled were: ‘nightlife in Lisbon’ because I’m going there; ‘short haircuts’ because I just got one and the film ‘Red Sparrow’ because I just n saw it. THE LAST FILM THAT MADE YOU CRY? COSMOPOLITAN AUGUST 2018 “WhatsApp. My LDR wouldn’t be able to survive without it.” “Old Man by Neil Young. It’s so groovy that I use it as my alarm ringer to wake up to every day.” “The third .” season of Fargo.” 36 THE APP YOU CAN’T LIVE WITHOUT? A SONG THAT GETS YOU ON THE DANCE FLOOR? THE SHOW YOU’RE BINGE- WATCHING RN? “I saw Out Of Africa last week. There’s a line from it, ‘When God wants to punish you, he listens to your prayers’, and that really hit me.” Jennifer Lawrence in Red Sparrow Radhika Apte FOR MORE GREAT STORIES, VISIT COSMO.IN Radhika Apte’s Photograph: COLSTON THE FIRST THING YOU READ IN THE MORNING?