Cosmopolitan August 2018 - Page 34

upfront Nam Vo, creater of the ‘Migraine Pose’ Ashley Graham This Insta fad (it makes your skin look tighter, apparently), has led to a social media backlash from real migraine sufferers... Kendall Jenner Priyanka Chopra Gigi Hadid (Above, from left to right): Migraine sufferers posted their selfies mid-attack to speak about how the #MigrainePose trend has trivialised the disease 34 COSMOPOLITAN AUGUST 2018 FOR MORE GREAT STORIES, VISIT COSMO.IN INDIVIDUAL Let’s Talk I About the ‘Migraine Pose’ Trend nstagram trends come in thick and fast. But they don’t always go down well with the world. Case in point: the #MigrainePose. Created by celebrity make-up artist Nam Vo, it involves placing your hand on the temples to create the illusion of a tighter, lifted face. The pose quickly caught up with the likes of Kendall Jenner, the Hadid sisters, and Priyanka Chopra, among others, posting ‘headache selfies’. As Nam said, “I love it because the beauty of your hands frame the face and give it more structure. I always make my models pose this way.” However, this viral trend has hugely offended migraine sufferers, leading to massive Twitter backlash. Their bone of contention: it trivialises their painful condition. Migraineurs have been sharing their version of the ‘Migraine Pose’ on social media, to raise awareness about the disease. One sufferer posted a photo of hers mid- attack saying: ‘There’s nothing glamorous about migraine’. Another Tweet said: ‘What’s next...Cancer Pose? Parkinson’s Pose? Diabetes Pose? Heart Disease Pose? Lupus Pose?’ Someone has even started a petition, which has been signed by over 1,200 supporters. With the backlash gaining traction, Nam has removed the hashtag, and issued an apology on her Instagram, which reads: ‘EDIT- Hi my Dewey Dumplings, my apologies. This wasn’t meant to be offensive or hurt anyone’s feelings. I am touched by the personal stories that you have all shared. ‘I love all my Dumplings and want you all to be happy and healthy! Its all about the n LOVE.’ (sic)