Cosmopolitan August 2018 - Page 30

Confessions Cosmo readers share their most shocking stories and steamiest secrets. “My best friend and I had a crush on the same guy. But she told me that she was going to ask him out first, and there was nothing I could do because, yo u know, girl code! I sneakily started creating rifts between them, so they would stop talking to each other. Luckily for me, the plan worked out and after waiting for a fair amount of time (three months!), I asked him out. I feel really bad for what I did, but the heart wants what it wants.” “I was at a friend’s aunt’s place who kept going on and on about her antique chairs and how expensive they were. I spilled red wine on one. I tried to clean it up, but she pushed me away!” —KRITIKA M., 26 -----JAPNEET K., 21 “I was at a house party and had on a stick-on bra. The intense humidity plus my sweat made it less sticky, and the thing started to fall off. I ran into the bathroom to ditch it, but it was expensive, so I put it in a drawer under the sink thinking I’ll grab it later. But I forgot. My smelly stick-on bra became the butt of all jokes at every house party after; and I laughed along, pretending I didn’t know anything about it.” —RIYA K., 25 “Back when I was a teenager, my older brothers didn’t let me date anyone. I got asked out by a really cute guy and I convinced them to let me go out on a date with him. We were in a coffee shop and as my date tried to hold my hand, my brothers came out of nowhere and took me home with them. So embarrassing!” —GEETIKA R., 24 GUYS CONFESS “I love how women have started approaching men these days. But with girls that I’m not that attracted to, I give them my best friend’s number. If they call me on the spot (so I’ll have their number in my phone), I pretend it’s dead.” “I was at a bar, eyeing this man the whole night. He got up to go to the bathroom, and when he came back, I was trying to get his attention by reaching my hand over to him. I reached too far and fell off the barstool. I was so embarrassed, and he didn’t even realise that I was trying to talk to him. Such a fail!” —SHUBHI P., 28 30 COSMOPOLITAN AUGUST 2018 FOR MORE GREAT STORIES, VISIT COSMO.IN “My BFF and I were coming home from a night out and she was p*ss drunk—it was the first time she had seen her ex after their breakup and that led to too many shots. In her drunk state, she started talking about how horrible he was to her, without realising she’d accidentally pocket dialed him. He heard the entire convo, and that ended their story, for good.” —MEHR M., 20