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The Scary Trend That ’ s Hurting Happy Couples
“ I ’ ve always been a big Kangana fan and absolutely love her fierce personality . But this interview of hers has been the most honest one I ’ ve come across — she wasn ’ t afraid to show her vulnerable side , and I deeply admire her for her strong , feminist views . Plus , there were two amazing covers with one helluva issue in between !”
— Anushka Chandra
“ I love Cosmo ’ s real-people stories ! While every beauty brand out there claims that they ’ re the best , products tried and tested by real women carry gravitas . And I really enjoyed reading Get Your Glow On , never knew facial oils could tackle so many skin concerns and give us amazing skin .”
— Aashna Grewal
“ My Insta feed is filled with my gym selfies , and my boyfriend hates it . But after reading Don ’ t


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“ touch at night ( even after bae ). You reach for it countless times in between and panic if you leave it at home .. By Lisa Freedman
ou can become psychologically addicted to almost anything — including , and maybe even especially , your phone ,” says Earl Miller , PhD , a professor of neuroscience at the Picower Institute for Learning and Memory at MIT .
A smartphone is basically a mini dopamine factory , doling out hits of the feel-good brain chemical as a reward when you get Likes on social media or relieve boredom by scrolling Instagram . Unfortunately , “ the dopamine system is not satiable , so you continue to crave more and more ,” says clinical psychologist Elyssa Barbash , PhD , fast glam
000 COSMOPOLITAN JULY 2018 upfront
000 COSMOPOLITAN JULY 2018 of doctorelyssa . com .
That ’ s why the average person ends up reaching for their phone 80 times a day , according to one survey ( if you think this sounds low , same ). And chances are , you don ’ t love it . More than half of people
Your friend keeps posting selfies at the gym ( aka healthfies ). Juno Demelo swears that these shots aren ’ t annoying , they can actually do a body good . By Juno Demelo
he one time I Instagrammed my husband at CrossFit , he got nothing but a strongarm emoji . All I could think was I ’ d rather do 100 burpees than ever upload a picture of myself in the same position . Maybe it ’ s all the ‘ We get it ; you have zero body fat ’ comments on workout posts by the likes of Miranda Kerr , Lea Michele , and basically every female celeb who ’ s hashtagged a healthfie . Women don ’ t always support one another when Spandex is involved , and I don ’ t want to seem like I ’ m healthier-than-thou .
But what ’ s so wrong about showing off your hard work ? There ’ s a double standard for men and women , says Pamela Rutledge , PhD , Director of the Media Psychology Research Center in California . When former schlub Chris Pratt took a shirtless selfie , people praised him for giving between the ages 18 and 24 are seeking relief from social media , according to a recent report .
Getting some distance is essential , because new studies suggest that small-screen obsessions are a major brain drain . Being attached
It ’ s said that facial oils are a sure-shot way to achieve a healthy , luminous complexion . We asked a bunch of glowy girls to let us in on the ones they swear by and how they transformed their skin . Bonus : some cool product recommendations to update your beauty stash . By Meghna Sharma
Don ’ t Hate the Healthfie
Varun Dhawan and Nargis Fakhri strike a pose after a great workout sesh
up six-packs to sculpt one . “ But when Rihanna does it , she gets labelled a word I ’ d rather not use ,” says Pamela . “ Yet selfies let you take charge of your image . And if they depict you doing something you ’ re proud of , they can be really self-motivating .” That something doesn ’ t have to be rock-hard abs . A healthfie from Lena Dunham captioned “[ Exercise ] has helped with my anxiety ... It ain ’ t about the * ss , it ’ s about the brain ” garnered
Hate the Healthfie , he ’ s realised that there ’ s nothing wrong with it , and now , even he ’ s considering renewing his gym membership . Also , the Fitness Special had some pretty amazing features — so many great tips .” — Kriti Nirmal
“ Up until now , I hadn ’ t realised how addicted I was to my phone and how it was making me its B ! Smart Phone , Dumber You made some very valid points , and I am seriously considering a digital detox . And The Cosmo Book Club ’ s recommendations will definitely keep me sane during this detox . Side note : you guys should make this a regular feature . ” — Prachi Tayal
“ I have a screenshot of Shower Sex ... That Doesn ’ t End In the ER on my phone ; I ’ ve been sharing it with my girlfriends . Yes , that ’ s how much I loved this story ! Plus , The Shades of Summer was full of amazing beauty inspo ; can ’ t wait to try out the hues .” — Aastha Sharma
Malaika Arora Khan might just be the queen of healthfies ( and mega # bodygoals )
love & lust
Shower Sex ... That Doesn ’ t End in the ER
We ’ ve got the safety manual that ’ ll make sure you and your Os are safe . By Julie Vadnal
teamy air , cascading water , soapy naked bodies gliding against each other . Shower sex sounds incredibly erotic . In reality , the experience can be anything but .
First , the close quarters and slick surfaces call for some pretty awkward manoeuvring . “ And then there are the physical dangers , like slipping and falling ,” warns USbased sex coach Alicia Sinclair . We mean , you ’ re aching for an orgasm , not an arm cast ! All that said , here at Cosmo , we are undaunted by a carnal challenge , so we ’ ve come up with tips for safely pulling off a wet and wild session ...
GET A GRIP more than 100,000 Likes . “ One of the most effective ways to make behavioural changes is to keep track of your progress . Healthfies are an instant way to log a huge amount of info compared to just writing ‘ Awesome workout ’ in a journal ,” Pamela says . And if you ’ re looking to lose weight , digital high-fives and accountability can help . Social networking — including online challenges and message boards — is a key component of Weight Watchers , which was recently
Holding on to your shower curtain as your partner takes you from behind can rip it down , and putting your foot on the slick edge of the tub for a better angle during face-to-face sex is asking for trouble . That ’ s why adult brand Sportsheets ’ suction Handle Bar and Foot Rest ( `1,220 and `1,155 , amazon . com )— made just for wet hookups !— are must-haves , says Emily Morse , host of the Sex With Emily podcast .
BRING A BUDDY An inconspicuous vibrating loofah
( there are plenty of options on amazon . com ) can help you lather up and act dirty at the same time . Inside the layers of mesh is a hidden waterproof bullet vibrator . Have your partner work it all over your body , stopping at hot spots such as your nipples and clitoris for an X-rated thrill .
Entrepreneur “ Zadie Smith is not an author to be put into a box . Her mind is alive and her imagination is vivid . She compels you to emote with her writing , and through Feel Free , gets you thinking about things that are a part of real occurrences in our recent lives .
A compilation of short essays that range over five sections — In The World , In The Audience , In The Gallery , On The Bookshelf , and Feel Free — this new collection poses questions we immediately recognise .
Ranging over a multitude of topics from art , politics , social media , global
only in cosmo
The Cosmo Book Club
Make some room on your shelves , for our first batch of book nerds have reviewed six bestselling tomes of 2018 to assess whether the hype was worth it ...
Compiled By Meghna Sharma
warming , culture and much more , this book is the kind you would pick and read at leisure to get your grey cells churning and heart beating , one essay at a time . More relevant to our current generation and times are the essays Generation Why ? and Elegy For A Country ’ s Seasons .
In Generation Why ? I understand Zadie ’ s argument on where the real idea of a person with all their nostalgic , irrational and inaccurate form of personhood stands versus the world of ‘ Facebook Generation ’, which is more a vision of a good life than reality itself . It suggests that the goal of social media today is to connect , however , it doesn ’ t take into account the quality of connection ,
Most bathroom lighting is harsh and unflattering — the opposite of mood setting . If you have a tub or a glass shower door , consider dimming or killing the overheads and lining your countertop with scented candles for a sensual and sexy glow , suggests Alicia .
Getting water in your privates can quality of information and the quality of the relationship this connection allows for . Zadie writes , “ It ’ s falsely jolly , fake-friendly , self-promoting , slickly disingenuous ”, and if I was honest with myself , I would agree with this . Food for thought indeed !
Elegy For A Country ’ s Seasons talks about global warming , our changing environs , and our ‘ if only attitude ’. It talk about how things that have changed are accepted as a new normal , and that we fear from even addressing this as abnormal . She writes about how much of our conversation on this topic is governed by emotions and beliefs , and is not ruthlessly pragmatic , which may have actually helped us address the problem much earlier on , versus an approach of ‘ too late , must act with what we have now ’. And I agree with her statement , ‘ In the end , the only thing that could create the necessary traction in our minds was the intimate loss of the things we loved .’ And then we might turn from the ‘ What have we done ?’ to the ‘ What can we do ?’”
Feel Free by Zadie Smith , `540
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With Grey Goose at Cannes 2018
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But this interview of hers has been the most honest one I’ve come across—she wasn’t afraid to show her vulnerable side, and I deeply admire her for her strong, feminist views. Plus, there were two amazing covers with one helluva issue in between!” —Anushka Chandra FACIAL OILS TO THE RESCUE “I love Cosmo’s real-people stories! While every beauty brand out there claims that they’re the best, products tried and tested by real women carry gravitas. And I really enjoyed reading Get Your Glow On, never knew facial oils could tackle so many skin concerns and give us amazing skin.” —Aashna Grewal BUT FIRST, LET ME TAKE A #HEALTHFIE! “My Insta feed is filled with my gym selfies, and my boyfriend hates it. But after reading Don’t 28 COSMOPOLITAN AUGUST 2018 VISIT COSMO.IN 2-3 T 000 Don't Hate the JULY 2018 COSMOPOLITAN 2-3 Healthfie.indd The Cosm o Book C lub Kriti and Nupur Sanon give us major #siblinggoals with their mirror selfie quality of inform ation and the of the relatio nship this conne quality allows for. ction Zadie writes , “It’s falsely jolly, fake-f riendly, self-p romoting, slickly dising enuous”, and honest with if I was mysel of with this. Food f, I would agree 0 Likes. “One for 100,00 thought indee Elegy For A make more than Country’s Seaso d! ive ways to talks about the most effect es is to keep track ns warm global ing, chang culture and changing enviro warming, our are an behavioural much more, this book is ns, and our ss. Healthfies nt Entreprene the kind you attitude’. 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