Cosmopolitan August 2018 - Page 168

IT’S TIME TO BE #SPONTANEOUS With over 6,500+ entries, the Veet #Unpose campaign celebrates the unpredictability of life, allowing you to savour each moment. By letting them be themselves, this campaign gave four real girls what every girl dreams of—a chance to be on the cover of Cosmo! Here’s the lowdown... #UNPOSE n Naghma Rizwa Bhairavi Burad An amazing journey that began on 14th May, 2018, and went on for five weeks, culminated with four super- happy and stylish faces on the cover of Cosmo’s August issue. Thanks to the Veet #Unpose campaign, in collaboration with Cosmo, these girls got to live the ultimate dream. A campaign that was born with the thought that you look the most beautiful when you’re spontaneous and comfortable in your skin, helped thousands of women around the country to show off their carefree side. Don’t believe us? Just check up on #Unpose on Instagram to see the proof. Here are the exact products giving women across the country the courage to seize the moment and show off their smooth skin. Esha Pandit Samreen Kaur