Cosmopolitan August 2018 - Page 155

12. HAUTE HANDS Fancy a high-quality hand-job? Take your lead from the catwalk. 1 1 Henna Tattoos, `1,029 2 ALL HANDS ON DECK DIFFICULTY 3/3 These modern henna designs trump any accessory says Pavan, who created the look for Antonio Berardi. “When applying henna on yourself, start from the fingers and work towards the wrist, keeping fingers together so as to use the whole hand as a canvas,” she explains. Working in sections, start by drawing the fishnet pattern across your fingers. Next, create a larger diamond pattern on the back of the hand. Hair Drama Co. Dark Hues Hair Shimmer, hairdramacompany. com, `599 2 3 Revlon PhotoReady Eye Art Desert Dazzle in Cobalt Crystal, `1,430 DIFFICULTY 1/3 Recreating this glitter-dusted look is easy as pie. Pavan Dhanjal, Founder and CEO of Pavan Henna Bar in London, says glimmering hands may have become cool, but it’s always been flattering. To get the look, use a bright lacquer for nail and loose glitter in a contrasting shade for your fingers. Once you’re done painting your talons, mix glitter with mixing medium, and apply in select areas. Pop any leftovers on your nails for maximum impact. “You can even use pigmented long-wear eyeshadows on your fingers,” Pavan says. SLING, BLING White henna cone,, `799 approx FLOWER POWER DIFFICULTY 2/3 These delicate blossoms by Tracy Lee for Rodarte will last longer than your old-school daisy chain (but look just as cute). For speedy application, Pavan says to “pipe white body paint through a small henna cone—it helps in achieving the dots super-quick.” Finish off with a diamante in the centre, or go the whole hog and outline each petal with glitter liner for a bolder flower-power look. Groovy. FOR MORE GREAT STORIES, VISIT COSMO.IN 3 AUGUST 2018 COSMOPOLITAN 000