Cosmopolitan August 2018 - Page 153

reduces the level of these chemicals. It also lowers cortisol (a hormone that, when elevated, can induce collagen breakdown and acne). SET YOUR SKIN-TENTION If you’re getting a complexion boost just by being more aware, imagine the perks you’d see if you made your skin the focus of your mindfulness. Dermatologist Shasa Hu, MD, of the Dr. Brandt Skin Advisory Board, recommends setting an intention for your routine. “Any practice connecting body and mind requires purposeful intention to be effective,” she says. “The same holds true for skin care.” To set your intention, reflect on the changes you’d like to see. “Use a non-judgmental voice, and keep in mind what you do appreciate when you look in the mirror,” says Jackie. (For example, think a clearer complexion and state of mind, not fewer breakouts.) Declare your intention by thinking it over and over, saying it aloud, or writing it down. Then apply your products with your intention in mind. Focus on what they feel and smell like, your skin’s temperature, and tense areas. “Caring for your skin this way transforms it into a sensorial experience, so you enjoy it more,” says Jackie. This will motivate you to use your products long enough to see full results. Bring On the Zen 1. Burn this candle before you beg