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23.08 – 22.09 Focus on : waiting it out , your patience will pay off ! While you hold tight for Mercury to come out of retrograde on the 18th and for the Sun to slide into your sign on the 21st , use your intuition to reappraise your relationships . Trust your gut and go for what you want .


23.09 – 22.10 Focus on : your Cinderella moment : it has arrived , minus the curfew ! When your ruler , Venus , moves into your sign on the 6th , everyone will want to get lit with you ( exes too !). Just listen to yourself when it comes to big decisions , rather than polling the crowd .


23.10 – 21.11 Focus on : your current position , woman on top ... We ’ re talking about your job , obvs , because this month may be major . With Mars in retrograde until the 27th , stay focused and follow your instincts , but stay open to inspiration from those around you .


22.11 – 21.12
Focus on : planning a vacay . It ’ s time to see the world IRL . The New Moon solar eclipse on the 11th may kick off an epic trip ( or permanent move ). When the Sun shifts into Virgo on the 21st , resume adulting . Your post-adventure perspective will shed new light on how to turn your dreams into realities .


22.12 – 19.01 Focus on : blasting that Drake playlist — it ’ s time to unpack those emotions so you can resolve whatever ’ s been bringing you down . Mars moves into your sign in a rare retrograde on the 12th , which is your chance to right ongoing issues . By the 25th , you ’ ll feel like a new woman .


20.01 – 18.02 Focus on : bracing for an awesome life , 180 ! Lingering drama will erupt in time for you to ditch all that ’ s toxic before the 15th . If you ’ re single , expect a meet-cute around the 11th . At month ’ s end , you ’ ll have an aha moment , but you ’ ll see more benefit from your epiphany if you keep it quiet .
( Birthday girls , clockwise from left ): Dua Lipa Meghan Markle , Kajol , Jennifer Lawrence , and Jacqueline Fernandez
LEO 23.07 – 22.08
Your love needs are in flux , so if your current flame isn ’ t blazing anymore , it might be time to move on . With the Sun in your sign until the 21st , the wind is at your back , so tap into that energy to find the next person or idea to light your fire .


19.02 – 20.03 Focus on : ticking through your to-dos and getting to the gym on the reg . When Mars goes retrograde around the 12th , a night with old friends will set off a social swirl for the Pisces girl . But mark the 26th , as the Full Moon in your sign will make it memorably magical .


22.05 – 20.060 Focus on : bracing yourself for the future . Your summer has been so hot . Next up : road trip ! Just be prepared for bumps on the way with your ruler Mercury in retrograde till the 18th . And get yourself home before the Full Moon on the 26th , when a huge career opportunity may arise . Don ’ t overthink it . Seize the eff out of the moment .


21.03 – 19.04 Focus on : hitting pause for repairs . While your ruler , determined Mars , is retrograde , put in time with your pit crew , aka your # squad . Once Mercury goes direct on the 18th and Mars on the 27th , the stars put you on the fast track for success !


21.06 – 22.07 Focus on : a staycation . Your pragmatism and free spirit are playing tug-of-war , and a staycation is your ticket to Zen . But with assertive Mars retrograde in your relationship zone between the 12th and the 27th , an interested ex will warrant a tough decision . If you move on , don ’ t despair — a stud will appear on the 25th .


20.04 – 21.05 Focus on : mingling , you ’ re a people magnet this month ! Show your work peeps some love — they need some of your mojo right now . When the Sun moves into Virgo on the 21st , while you ’ re travelling , you ’ ll come across an inviting local ( boy ) wonder you ’ ll need to investigate .
LEO GUY CHRIS HEMSWORTH 11.08.83 Your lion is feeling feisty . Heavy petting ( and honest conversation ) will keep the peace .
By : AURORA TOWER @ AuroraAstro
bedside astrologer COSMO ASTRO GET A SNEAK PEAK AT WHAT TO LOOK FORWARD TO...AND WHAT TO WATCH OUT FOR! 23.08–22.09 Focus on: waiting it out, your patience will pay off! While you hold tight for Mercury to come out of retrograde on the 18th and for the Sun to slide into your sign on the 21st, use your intuition to reappraise your relationships. Trust your gut and go for what you want. Libra 23.09–22.10 Focus on: your Cinderella moment: it has arrived, minus the curfew! When your ruler, Venus, moves into your sign on the 6th, everyone will want to get lit with you (exes too!). Just listen to yourself when it comes to big decisions, rather than polling the crowd. Sagittarius Capricorn (Birthday girls, clockwise from left): Dua Lipa Meghan Markle, Kajol, Jennifer Lawrence, and Jacqueline Fernandez LEO 23.07–22.08 Your love needs \H[^ Y[\\[[YH\۸&]^[˜[[[ܙK]ZYB[YH[ݙHۋ]H[[[\Yۂ[[H \ B[\][\X\[][\H[B^\ۈ܈YXH›Y[\\KM SUSUQT8" NLx$̌KL\ێ[[HX^K]8&\[YHYHHܛT H][ۈ\X\HۂH L]X^HXٙ[\X\ ܈\X[[[ݙJK[H[Y[\ۈB\ \[YHY[[ˈ[\ XY[\H\X]H[Y]Yۈ\[\X[\[X[]Y\ˈ L$NK B\ێ\[]ZB^[\8%]8&\[YH[XH[[[ۜ[H[\H]]\&\Y[[[[HۋX\›[ݙ\[[\Yۈ[H\B]ܘYHۈH L X\[\[HYۙ[š\Y\ˈHH ] [x&[Y[ZHH]X[\\\Y\ŒNK $̌ ‘\ێX[Y[\Y[][H[BۈHYˈ[X\\œ]ܘYH\[H L BY]Y[[]ٙHX[\܈H\\™\ ]X\H  \B[[ۈ[[\Yۈ[XZB]Y[[ܘXHXYX[ K $NK \ێ][]\B܈\Z\ˈ[H[\[\]\Z[YX\\œ]ܘYK][[YH][\]ܙ]ZH[\]XY ۘHY\\H\\XۂH N[X\ۈH  H\][HۈH\X܈X\B[Z[H[\\ێX[[\[܂H]\K[\[[Y\\˜Y[ ^\Y\B\H\\Y܈[\ۂH^H][\[\Y\\B[]ܘYH[H N [][\[YHYܙHB[[ۈۈH  [BYH\Y\ܝ[]HX^B\\K۸&]ݙ\[] Z^BHY]وH[ \ێH^X][ۋ[\YX]\H[YH\]\H^Z[Y[ً]\[H^X][ۈ\[\X]–[]]\\]HX\œ]ܘYH[[\[][ۜ\ۙH]Y[H L[H  [[\\Y^[\[HYX\[ۋY[H[ݙHۋ۸&]\Z\%BY[\X\ۈH ] x$̌ K $̌ ‘ԈSԑHԑPUԒQTTUS˒Sܜ[ŒˌL8$̌KLB\ێ[\\[][ۋX[ۈ x&\B[[X][\؋؝X]\H\[۝X^HBXZ܋]X\[]ܘYB[[H  ^H\Y[[\[[]^B[[\][ۈHB\[[K\]X\]\Œ x$N \ێX[܈[]\YHYK N H[\[™[XH[\\[[YH܈[B][]8&\XYܙBH M] Y[x&\H[K^XHYY] X]H\[BL] ][۝8&\[ [x&[]H[ZH[ ][x&[YH[ܙH[Y]H[\\\[HY[HY\]]ZY] ]\\Œ 8$̌K B\ێZ[[[x&\HB[HXYۙ]\[۝Hž[\ܚY\YHݙx%^HYYYHو[\[ڛœYˈ[H[[ݙ\š[\ۈH \ [B[x&\H][[[x&[YBXܛ[[][[ JBۙ\[x&[YY[\Y]KSVBT’STԕLK –[\[ۈ\Y[[™Z\KX]B][ [ۙ\۝\][ۊB[Y\BXXKT\