Cosmopolitan August 2018 - Page 110

quiz What’s Your Dating Strategy? a. Whatever is free of wine stains. Playing the field has your closet in ruins. b. A dress and killer heels. They say to dress for the date you want, and you’re shooting for a grand tour of a penthouse. c. The tee your mom wore when she met dad. It’s sure to also summon The One for you. 2. After a fun time with someone new, you: a. Trade flirty emojis, then set up your next big night-out. b. Send friendly reminders of your awesomeness, like your crazy-soft linen sheets and great Uber passenger rating. c. Take no action. If it’s truly meant to be, you’ll surely bump into each other again. 3. You’re at a wedding... Who do you approach? a. The DJ, to request Cardi B. Her music switches on your magnetic aura. Let them flock! b. The guest with 110 COSMOPOLITAN AUGUST 2018 Ranveer Singh’s style and Ranbir Kapoor’s poise. You will not deviate from your criteria. c. The mother of the bride. Surely she has some sage wisdom and stellar dating advice after watching her own daughter getting successfully hitched. Hey right back at ya, Justin and Hailey 4. A hottie at the bar goes in for a (sloppy) kiss. You: a. Wonder if you can put all those gin and tonics on his tab. b. Flee to the ladies’ room so you can add this to your spreadsheet of make-out rankings. c. Run (and pray your soulmate appears). 5. You have been swiping for 30 mins and feel kinda: a. Euphoric. The only other place with this many shirtless pictures is Justin Bieber’s Insta. b.Undaunted. There’s a reason your index finger has a muscle. c. Over it. There’s not a single great love story that begins with ‘Once upon a swipe’... THE BREAKDOWN MOSTLY A s MOSTLY B s MOSTLY C s What dating fatigue? You’re just getting started! You are all about the flirting, which is why you don’t take anything (or anyone) too seriously. Just make sure your intentions are clear, and don’t fight the feeling if things do get real. You date like it’s a job, drafting lists of eligibles and setting goals. This kind of commitment is great, but don’t let your quest turn so transactional that you’re snuffing out sparks. Some spontaneity might light a long term fire. You’re idling on the highway to happily ever after, hoping to get swept away. Serendipity can be awesome (see every romantic meet- cute-ever), but being a bit more proactive will help. Fate may still work, but the odds get better if you put in some effort. FUN FIRST FOR MORE GREAT STORIES, VISIT COSMO.IN ALL BUSINESS WAIT IT OUT 1. While getting dressed for a date, your style MO is: