CosmoBiz Magazine September 2014 - Page 74

Company W atch PROFILE W hen sisters Kasey and Kelly Evick decided to make baskets of body products as Christmas gifts they never realized what they were getting into. The sisters were broke and living at home trying to decide what to give to friends and family when they came across an article in Martha Stewart magazine on how to make soap. That was in 2002; flash forward a moment and 11 years later they are one of the sweethearts of Baltimore’s local business world. The road to success, the sisters say, has not always been easy. Officially, the business started in 2003; the time in between was spent testing and perfecting recipes for the soaps, body butter bars and lip balms that their Christmas giftees had raved about. The pair’s background was well suited for the task; both had experience in the fine arts and fashion as well as a good deal of knowledge and interest in the use of botanicals and natural healing. In an interview with blog Baltimore by Hand, Kasey Evick spoke of the year long process. 74 COSMOBIZ SALON SEPTEMBER 2014 “We started thinking about it more, and we did a lot of research and started thinking, ‘OK, we can learn more about soap making, about making products.’ This also comes from us being interested in the natural health side of it. We really wanted to make soaps that were purposeful and weren’t just about scent- to help people. Kel did most of the research. Sort of developed a line and it sold. It was a real slow and organic process.” The two continued to work full, and then part time, to support their venture. Until fairly recently, both said they were working days and nights 7 days a week. Until 2008 the duo ran the company out of their parents’ basement; a 2006 video interview shows the room with shelves stocked full with drying bars of their soaps. The process at the time was a full family affair; the sisters divided the process of making the soaps and packaging, and their parents helped with cutting the bars and various other tasks. Then in 2008 they moved to a 2800 sq