CosmoBiz Magazine September 2014 - Page 72

Opportunities and Challenges The scholars who developed herbal trichology share the same concerns and are preparing to launch their own nationwide training program. Their program will incorporate hands-on training and online classes. Unlike the conventional trichology training program that takes years to complete, this new training program is simplified and shortened. An average student can complete the entire course in less than 3 months, and licensed cosmetologists can complete the course in a matter of days or weeks since their cosmetology courses include anatomy and biology. When considering the potential to generate tens of thousands of new jobs and bringing more clients to salons, the herbal trichology industry clearly offers a great deal of opportunities for many. At the same time, it poses challenges to the quality of its services. Since it is not regulated by government agencies, anyone can claim to be a trichologist and offer services. Untrained trichologists with poor skills can easily discredit the benefit of herbal trichology. Regardless of the many challenges, Tressential, a Maryland company that is leading the way in \