CosmoBiz Magazine September 2014 - Page 71

Birth of Herbal Trichology What Triggered Its Success? The lack of interest changed about 10 years ago; trichology was introduced in Asia, specifically Korea and Japan, countries well known for their herbal medicines and treatments. Their traditional medicine, which combines herbal extracts, acupuncture and therapeutic massages (Jihop), has been proven over several thousand years of practice. In fact, large numbers of modern drugs have been developed based on their traditional medicine. “I think it is mostly because academia and the beauty industry worked hand in hand from the beginning. These sound infrastructures helped generate a large number of well trained trichologists in a relatively short period of time and developing scientific theories and reliable products at the university level, in cooperation with corporate,” said Professor Noh Young-hee at Konyang University, the school that pioneered Medical-beauty, incorporating medical aspects into beauty culture. Asian scholars and cosmeDuring the past decade, Noh tologists saw the potential and a number of scholars have of trichology and began published more than 70 books incorporating the convenon trichology. The study of tionally developed tricholtrichology is now included as ogy of the UK with Asian a part of cosmetology studies traditional therapy. The rein more than 140 colleges and sult was explosive. Within Universities in Korea alone, the first 3 years more than including the private institu25,000 trichology centers tions. There are thousands of opened in Korea alone, and new trichologists entering the the numbers are still growmarket each year. 1000 to 1200 micro pulse of water splashing rapidly. Service fees es on the scalp to remove dirts and oil debris. range from $50 to about Not only cleans the scalp but also relieves stress. In addition to the strong sup$150 for a 1-hour session, port of academia, the scienand millions of consumers tists who studied traditional visit these trichology centers regularly. medicine made a huge impact when they merged the modern science of trichology with the benefits of the As the demand for trichology services grows, medical herbal science from Asia. Fueled by the enthusiastic clinics have been pressured into providing trichology consumers, and with a proven track record, the herbal service. It has became a popular treatment at most dertrichology service is likely to spread like wild fire into matologists’ offices but with much larger price tags. North America and Europe. Scaling Scalp Pole Cleansing wIth Iontophoresis Pressure Wash with Aqua Dote STEP 4. A specifically formulated herbal solution is gently massaged on the scalp in order to remove impurities and dead skin cells. STEP 5. The ions detoxify by neutralizing oppositely charged toxins in the cells that are normally slow to exit the body. This helps the body to get rid of toxins naturally. STEP 6. A powerful water stream of 1000-1200 microbursts per minute provides a massage, while being powerful enough to remove stubborn dirt from around the hair-pole. Herbal Healing Shampoo STEP 7. An all natural herbal shampoo service cleanses hair shafts and prepares the scalp for the following treatments. 71