CosmoBiz Magazine September 2014 - Page 70

Industry W atch Trichology may be the next big thing to hit the cosmetology world. Although some have been skeptical in the past, trichology has started to receive significant interest in the US and abroad. What is Trichology? Trichology is a set of cosmetology services that promotes healthier hair growth. It is not a medical service, nor a newly developed study. In fact, it is a 110 year old practice that was first introduced by The Institute of Trichologists in London. The Institute defines trichology as “the science of the structure, function and diseases of the human hair.” It goes on to say, “Clinical trichology is the diagnosis and treatment of diseases and disorders of the human hair and scalp.” If you read just this definition you may mistake it for a medical service which only licensed doctors can perform. In reality, it is an unregulated wellness service that can be preformed by almost anyone, provided they have some level of training. Ideally, the treatment would be provided as a part of a cosmetology service. When trichology was first introduced, a group of doctors, scientists and cos-metologists foresaw it as a separate medic [