CosmoBiz Magazine September 2014 - Page 67

Tutorial: Yuko Anti-Frizz Straightening Treatment 4 Consult with your client/stylist to determine whether the treatment is right for your hair type. Hair is rinsed. 2 5 Hair is first washed and treated with a primer. Video credit to Anti-Frizz by Yuko and Youtube. 1 Blow dry and iron. 3 6 The straightening solution is then applied to hair. A 90 minute anti-frizz Japanese straightening treatment from Yuko, perfect for taming those humid-weather flyaways. Yuko’s website boasts that this treatment contains fewer harmful chemicals than Keratin and Brazilian straightening treatments. WHY WE LOVE IT—It lasts an average of three months, and unlike other straightening treatments, Yuko Once hair is dry and straight, a neutralizer is applied to condition and neutralize. anti-frizz repairs and conditions your hair as it smooths. Yuko uses two solutions to achieve its silkening effect, one containing Thioglycerin, the latest breakthrough ingredient used in Japan's hair industry, and the other, a blend of silk, soy, and wheat. Yuko anti-frizz is semi-permanent—hair will become smoother but not completely straight. Lasio Tropic Keratin Treatment Looking to do a Keratin treatment to put some of the moisture back into hair after so much sun exposure this summer? Lasio Tropic could be the brand for you. WHY WE LOVE IT—Unlike most keratin treatments, you can wash hair immediately after applying this one, instead of waiting the usual one to three days. And, this is a big plus, it doesn’t use formaldehyde. Instead, the active ingredient in Lasio Tropic is Euxol 702, which is a liquid cosmetic preservative alternative and is more friendly to skin than formaldehyde. TUTORIAL 1. Wash hair two to three times without conditioning. 2. Rough dry using a blow dryer, making sure hair is completely dry. 3. Evenly distribute treatment throughout hair in one to two inch segments, beginning at the nape of the neck. Comb treatment through with a fine-tooth comb. 4. Wear a mask to blow dry the hair. 5. Use a coated, ceramic iron heated to 450 degrees to flat iron hair. 6. Iron one inch sections seven times each.Blow dry as normal 67