CosmoBiz Magazine September 2014 - Page 62

Beauty Industry News LATIN AMERICA B ig news for the cosmetics industry in Brazil this year: September 9th through 10th will mark the beginning of In-Cosmetics in Sau Paulo. In-Cosmetics Brazil will be the first exhibition for cosmetic and personal care ingredients in Latin America. Then, in December, Sau Paulo will be home to the “Makeup In” tradeshow. The placement of these two events is well founded as the commercial market for cosmetics in Latin America and Brazil, specifically, is seeing record growth. In 2011 Latin America ranked number four in the world for consumption of cosmetic and personal care products; their total revenue clocked at US $64billion, and the market has been steadily growing since. It’s expected for Brazil to become the number two cosmetic consuming country this year. F rench brand Yves Rocher opened an online store for Brazil this past May and has recently announced that they are looking to open 10 stores in Brazil before the end of this year. The natural beauty company started opening its brick and mortar stores in December 2013 and has opened several more since. F rench company Sephora has continued its expansion into South America. The chain, which has become one of the leaders in the cosmetic and perfume industry, started by opening two stores in Mexico in 2011. Since then, the company has opened several branches throughout Mexico and has moved into Brazil. The brand expects to have 24 stores in Latin America by the close of this year. They plan to continue their expansion significantly over the next 2 years with a goal of 50 stores in Latin America by 2016. T T he Chamber of Deputies in Brazil has passed a law that cuts down on the use of animal testing for cosmetics. Enforcement of the bill will begin in September of this year. Animal testing will now be banned in tests for cosmetics that have alternative methods being approved and utilized internationally. However, animal testing will still be allowed in the case of new ingredients. Antoniana Ottoni of the Humane Society Internationa’l Be Cruelty-Free Brazil responded to the news: “We are thrilled that Brazil is joining the ranks of the European Union, Norway Israel and India in ending the practice. However, as it is currently worded, there are some unfortunate loopholes in the bill that must be closed. Experts are working with the Senate and all parties involved to help improve Brazil’s bill and bring it closer to what Brazilians want to see: a completely cruelty-free cosmetics future. Nonetheless, this is an important milestone.” Brazil is one of a few to start enacting animal testing laws this month; China has a