CosmoBiz Magazine September 2014 - Page 61

Beauty Industry News AFRICA / MIDDLE EAST A ccording to a report by Indian firm Kuick Research, demand for halal products has created a boost in the Middle Eastern market. The Middle East has always been a lucrative market for the cosmetics industry, and the demands of its consumers have already created a serious impact on companies involved. While most of the demand comes from regions with high Muslim populations like the Middle East and Asia, there is growing interest from the West as well. According to reports, many Westerners are interested in the natural ingredients. S outh African organic Brand Oh-Lief has been participating in The Standard Bank’s ThinkBig Business television program. The natural product company beat out hundreds of competitors and is now among the top 12 businesses participating in the reality show. The program is a 10 part series that documents the challenges, professional and personal, that small businesses face. The publicity is a boon for the small company; they currently supply to 13 countries and have been working hard to increase that. “We scraped all our money together to start Oh-lief, and we’ve worked hard over the past 4 years to grow our business,” said co-founder Christine Buchanan. The company will be live tweeting during each Thursday night episode. E stée Lauder recently announced that it has plans to expand its subsidiaries in Sub-Saharan Africa. The brand opened a MAC branch in Nigeria and experienced great success. The company plans to expand its MAC and Clinique brands within Nigeria and then move further into the Sub-Saharan region. As of now the focus is on Botswana, Zambia and Cote d’Ivoire. E uromonitor analysts say the color cosmetics industry in South Africa is forecast to surpass $120 million in 2014. If the rise in revenues occurs, it will be the result of a burgeoning middle class. The report predicts, “The forecast period is expected to witness a rise in the middle class disposable incomes; this increase coupled with new product launches, advertising campaigns, price promotions and the increasing influence of international trends are expected to fuel volume and constant value sales.” The biggest player in the market is Revlon. The major brand recently tapped South African media personality, Bonang Matheba, to be its beauty ambassador. A move which immediately increased sales, many consumers went out and took photographs of themselves purchasing the foundation that one of her advertisements highlighted. N igerian brand Natures Gentle Touch unveiled a new tea-tree-based anti-dandruff range of products. The new pack contains their signature shampoo conditioner leave-in treatment, anti-dandruff scalp protector and their newest addition, tea tree daily scalp therapy. The company is part of Recare International, a researching and manufacturing company based in Africa. The company was created in 1997 and has won a variety of awards including Best Relaxer of the year and Beauty Brand of the year. 61