CosmoBiz Magazine September 2014 - Page 59

R edken recently unveiled a sea salt spray, Fashion Waves 07. It’s no surprise that the company wanted to create their own version of the popular spray. Its ability to create the texture seen in so many of the fashion week looks is thanks to the key ingredient, sea salt, which absorbs moisture from hair and leaves a matte finish. Redken’s creative consultant, Guido, says the new product will be his go-to for “creating natural waves and texture.” The spray is coveted for its range of use. It has the ability to create a laid back, surfer look just as well as it works for a more chic and runway ready one. “Whether I’m creating nonchalant ‘born with it’ waves or a more elegant, glamorous look, Fashion Waves 07 provides the workable texture and lasting hold I need to keep those perfect beach waves looking fresh and modern for the runway.” In addition to the sea salt spray, Redken recently released a series of anti-frizz products in honor of August’s “National Anti-Frizz Month.” The new line utilizes the hydration powers of shea-butter to tame heat scorched locks. I D A S ntrexon, an American based synthetic biology specialist, has developed a method of converting methane to farnesene. Farnesene is a key ingredient in a wide variety of products from diesel fuel and plastics to cosmetics. It works, in the case of cosmetics, as part of the necessary ingredients to make lubricants; it’s coveted for its emollient properties. Until recently it has proved difficult and costly to make. Intrexon’s new process reduces energy expenditures in production and utilizes natural gas, considered one of the more economically sound sources of energy. shland Inc. announced on July 17th that the price of hydroxyethylcellulose products will increase 5% in response to changes in market conditions. The product works as a gelling and thickening agent and is used in many cosmetics because of its ability to “dispense rich and thick from the container, but spread easily on hair and skin,” as explained by the product description. The company’s press release stated that the price increase will go into effect on August first or “as contracts allow.” r. Brett King, among several other researchers from Yale university, has found an alternative use for the rheumatoid arthritis drug tofacitinib citrate. The autoimmune drug was used to successfully treat a 25 year old male with alopecia universalis; within 8 months the young man had regrown eyebrows and eyelashes as well as the hair on his head. The treatment is still being studied, and scientists are very clear that this treatment would not be well-suited for cosmetic uses such as male pattern baldness. In an interview with CNN, Dr. King stated that more research would be worthwhile, “The possibility should be imagined and should be investigated.” ince 2006 Sephora has been one of the few retained partners of JC Penny’s store-within-store concept; a total of 489 JC Penny’s throughout the nation have a space set aside for the French cosmetics company. The end of June marked the opening of 11 more of the stores; each shop is allotted, on average, 2,200 square feet in the center of each store. This is just a segment of Sephora’s expansion for this year; the company is also working on its market in Australia and South America. 59