CosmoBiz Magazine September 2014 - Page 46

Christophe Cares CONTINUATION pression and anxiety. At Christophe, it’s about beating some of that stress. Benjamin talks about the benefits of massage during a shampoo or scalp treatment (massage is proven to reduce stress). He explains that “[clients] would come right after work just to have that moment of relaxation.” Katy goes on, “it makes them feel that they can just be at ease. And, you know, that’s what we want. It’s the best,…I think, when the client actually falls asleep in her chair; it’s actually, wow, it’s great.” It’s all about that moment of detox after a busy, stressfilled day. And it’s beginning to catch on with more customers as a routine treatment— probably as much for the scalp as for peace of mind. Katy explains, “I had a client on Friday, and she said ‘Can I come every friday? Do people do that?’ It’s a concept that’s very new because people come weekly, maybe [for] a weekly blow dry, but for a scalp treatment, not necessarily—it’s very new here. In France you see that often, but here, no, so it’s really letting them know that, yes, it’s possible and yes you should…” When I asked about a hairdresser’s dual roles as stylist and therapist, Katy said, “It’s very true. There is actually a client who calls just to tell me this is happening. ‘What should i do? What would you do?’ It’s funny how, yes, they want their hair to be amazing, but they also come for more.” The Center for Young Women’s Health actually lists talking through problems and stressful situations as a way to help reduce some of that stress, so spilling your guts to your stylist actually can make a real difference! Katy compares her relationship with her clients to that of a doctor and patient; there is the same kind of understood confidentiality agreement between them. The salon can also be a positive reinforcement for the stylists themselves. It’s just a generally uplifting atmosphere. Katy explains, “One of my clients; she’s a therapist, and she said to me, ‘Do you know why hair dressers don’t need therapists?’ I said, ‘No.’ She said ‘because you have so many people that tell you how great you are, how great you make us feel, how great you are doing,’ and it’s true…They come to our chair, and we bring them something… They usually are coming because someone was very happy with us, and they want the same experience.” 46 COSMOBIZ SALON SEPTEMBER 2014 Katy and Benjamin love what they do. They told me that it’s a joy to go to work every day, and their passion is evident when you speak to them. You feel that here is an adorable French couple who love each other and love doing hair. And they care—Katy and Benjamin offer their services to a D.C. organization called Second Chance Employment Services which works to give women who have been victims of domestic abuse a chance at gaining financial independence. Their weekly commitment to this cause shows their true colors. Katy and Benjamin open up their salon to these women and give them complimentary beauty treatments to boost confidence right before a job interview. The founder of the organization, Dr. Ludy G ɕ