CosmoBiz Magazine September 2014 - Page 44

Salons Christophe CARES C hoosing Christophe D.C. as your salon is definitely good for your looks, but it could also be good for your health. Owners Katy and Benjamin Duboeuf work hard to make their salon an oasis in what we who live here know can oftentimes be an all too tense, politically-charged and just generally stressful city. The Christophe line of salons has been around for twenty years, beginning with the opening of the flagship shop in Beverly Hills. According to Katy and Benjamin, Christophe’s fame grew after he did Bill Clinton’s hair on Air Force One. As for the Duboeufs—“We started 17 years ago, so we worked with Christophe for quite some time, and eventually the evolution came up to have us take over, so here we are and hopefully doing a good job, and we are enjoying it,” says Katy. Katy and Benjamin, like Christophe himself, hail from France, where they both got a start before moving to the U.S. Katy, who specializes in color, and specifically, in color correction, began experimenting with her dolls’ hair at a very young age. “I was dipping my dolls’ hair in clorox and peroxide. I just wa