CosmoBiz Magazine September 2014 - Page 38

Blogger Interview skincare routine that helps fix things you were self-conscious about. I think I've always known on some level that how you feel about yourself can totally change the way you interact with other people, but I never truly realized how dramatic the effect is until I started making that something I thought about on a daily basis. Q. Who/what inspires you? A. The biggest inspiration I have to blog, and to keep blogging, is the online beauty community - people that visit my blog, other bloggers and the forums that I'm a part of. There's always a new trick or technique to learn, thoughts to share about our philosophies on beauty, and of course gossip about new products. A DIFFERENT FACE, with NICCI GILLAND This month at CosmoBiz we’ve been getting to know beauty power blogger, Nicci Gilland of Nicci was featured as a finalist in Allure Magazine’s Beauty Blogger of the Year Contest for 2014. She hails from Lexington, KY where she works in IT when she’s not busy giving her readers in-depth product reviews. Nicci’s powerful online presence befits her own shopping style—she does her beauty shopping online, tests the products, and then lets you know what’s what. Here’s what she had to say about everything from starting her blog to her brush obsession. Q. How long have you been blogging? How did you get into it? A. I'm relatively new at blogging - I started mine about a year ago, in June 2013. A few things were happening all at the same time that made me want to start a blog. For one, I was getting to the point where makeup wasn't just about covering up my skin problems - it was actually fun. I was also talking to a lot of women in beauty forums who didn't start using makeup until they were adults, like I did. We were all looking for products that were high-quality and a pleasure to use. I love trying out different products, and it turned out I have pretty strong opinions about a lot of them. I decided to share my thoughts on my blog, and maybe help other people learn by doing that. Q. What has beauty blogging taught you? A. Blogging has helped me realize that it isn't shallow to want to look and feel your best. There's a lot to be said for the confidence boost you can get from wearing a bright lipstick for the first time even though you usually try to blend into the crowd, or nailing down a great 38 COSMOBIZ SALON SEPTEMBER 2014 Q. Do you have an area of expertise or favorite subject to blog about? A. I love writing about anything and everything beauty-related, but I definitely have a soft spot for brushes. Not only do they make a big impact on how easy and enjoyable your daily routine is, they can be absolutely gorgeous. Q. What do you think will be the nail/lip trends for the end of summer going into fall? A. I'm expecting a lot of nude/natural lips, paired with a fresh-faced look for the end of summer and a more dramatic eye as the weather turns colder. For nails I think we'll see lots of metallics, especially in deep jewel tones. Q. What is your favorite part of your face to highlight or accentuate? A. My eyes, definitely. I wear glasses all the time, so I like to give my eyes a little something extra so they don't get lost. Q. Do you have an incredible salon experience you’d like to share? A. My hair is curly, and for years I couldn't find someone who was willing to do a short cut on it. I finally found someone who would fearlessly chop it all off and she's not afraid to tell me if something just won't work for my hair, either. I'm definitely not an expert on hair, so I appreciate having someone who will give me honest advice. Q. What salon/spa quality product do you recommend? A. I'm a really big fan of the EltaMD skincare line. Their UV Clear sunscreen is a staple in my daily routine, and the Intense Moisturizer was a lifesaver when my skin was severely dried out from acne medications. I also really like Pureology hair products; they're extremely gentle, which is a must since my hair is fine and a bit fragile. Photo courtesy of POWER BLOGGER SPOTLIGHT: