Corporate & Social Responsibility Keepmoat Homes Corporate and Social Repsonsibility Strategy 2018 public version - Page 8

8 Keepmoat Homes Our Corporate and Social Responsibility Objectives In order to continue to build on our strong foundations, this strategy sets out our ambitious corporate and social responsibility objectives. These objectives reflect our business priorities and set the direction for our group and regional activity. s ces c su i c al NG YOU INFORME KEEPI D People Market Place Diversity & Inclusion Collabora ve Partnerships &07W7F&P&7W&VV@7W7FW 66f0FWfVbFVƗfW fU 4%$DRb44$U54$ĕEV6r`&FV0rFPVf&V@6VG6W6VƗG77W&V@VWpVR6fP&pVF`vV&Vp66FW&FP&06W0VV@b60fW0p6VW06fWGVFVf&V@bVƗGpRW PPWFVvvVV@66bV6֖07@@&WFV`FWfVV@VvvVV@F&PW"66fVR'WGFrBtR4UdP0&W0@0F