Corporate & Social Responsibility Keepmoat Homes Corporate and Social Repsonsibility Strategy 2018 public version - Page 6

6 Keepmoat Homes Our Vision Building communities. Transforming lives. At Keepmoat Homes we think and act beyond bricks and mortar. As well as creating better places for people to live, our success depends on us playing our part in building the strong communities our partners and customers want. We work with our partners to create and improve places and in turn improve economic and social outcomes for local citizens. Our Mission Our commitment to corporate responsibility is at the heart of everything we do. Through continuing to invest in our people, the environment, new technology and our communities we aim to make a sustainable contribution to their future Our Values We get the job done in the most efficient and effective way. We are friendly, open and honest. We work together in partnership to deliver the very best customer experience. We care about what we do. We put pride and energy into delivering results. We are proactive, flexible and resourceful. We listen, learn and deliver solutions.