Corporate & Social Responsibility Keepmoat Homes Corporate and Social Repsonsibility Strategy 2018 public version - Page 5

Keepmoat Homes Introduction from our Chief Executive James Thomson At Keepmoat Homes we place our people, our partners, the communities we work with and our environment at the heart of everything we do and our Corporate & Social Responsibility strategy reflects that commitment. We would not be able to achieve this with out our highly skilled and professional workforce. We continue to work hard at attracting and developing the best talent. Their commitment and attitude is reflected in our strong business culture and values. We understand the importance of strong and sustainable partnerships. We work hard with our partners to deliver outstanding results for our customers, but also understand we have a responsibility to deliver these through ethical business practices. business we are determined to protect and enhance our environment and continue to be an environmentally sustainable business. At Keepmoat Homes we put the safety and welfare of every person we have contact with at the very heart of our business, enabling us to protect the wellbeing of our employees and communities. We will be working to deliver all these commitments throughout 2018/ 19 and look forward to sharing our results with you. Through our community partnerships we are able to support localised organisations, programmes and projects, enabling communities to flourish and be places where people want to live, work and play. We recognise that we impact on the communities in which we work and as a James Thomson 5