Corporate & Social Responsibility Keepmoat Homes Corporate and Social Repsonsibility Strategy 2018 public version - Page 17

Keepmoat Homes 17 Social & Economic Impact Objectives EMPLOYMENT & SKILLS Develop activities and programs for our communities that increase skills, deliver training and qualifications that lead to employment opportunities and encourage new talent into the sector YOUTH ENGAGEMENT To develop and run a wide range of programs for young people in order to engage and promote interest in all aspects of the construction industry INVESTING IN COMMUNITIES To promote sustainability within our communities through sharing Keepmoat Homes expertise, skills and appropriate resources (financial and physical) PROMOTING HEALTH & WELLBEING To champion activities and initiatives that improve the health and wellbeing of all within our communities COMMUNITY COHESION Work in partnership to develop, deliver and promote activities that create an improved “sense of belonging” and enhance individuals and groups ability to reach and sustain their full potential Targets • We will aim to create new jobs / businesses for local people on and around our sites • Maintain our membership of the 5% club and generate new trainee, apprenticeships and graduate opportunities through our contracts • Provide clear careers advice and guidance on opportunities within the construction industry • Deliver pre-employment related skills, training and qualifications to residents. Moving them closer to the labour market • To provide local residents with site visits/relevant work experience within the construction industry • To raise awareness of careers and opportunities within the construction industry through localised careers advice and guidance interventions • To ensure that every regional school is provided with information, guidance and interventions on site safety • To provide young people with site visits and practical work experience at our sites and offices • Engage young people in community projects that have a positive impact on their neighbourhood • Provide time, resources and financial support in order to refurbish and develop local community areas and buildings • We will look to increase our annual employee volunteering by 10%, with our long term target that 25% of our workforce will participate annually • Fund raise over £10,000 annually for local charities and good causes • Support the development/growth of third sector organisations within our supply chain • Continue to sponsor local clubs and activities that enhance involvement for local residents • Contribute to Local clubs and activities that involve residents in some form of physical activity • Develop and promote healthy eating activities and initiatives • Provide sufficient processes and activities to engage with and support those living in social isolation • Support activities/programs that address the issues of mental wellbeing • Provide resources for and deliver activities that will lead to local residents feeling safer in their communities • To increase the number of people participating in gardening/ environmental projects • To generate fun days where the community as a whole can come together • Provide effective and timely information on local services, activities and events that benefit residents • Deliver fun and informative seasonal events • To provide IT equipment and training to those without access to IT