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H O ST OU R CO LLE GE STU DE N TS The College Track Corporate Residency program is designed to provide a select group of our college students with opportunities to: • Connect their academic pursuits to career trajectories • Learn about career pathways into the various sectors represented by our host companies • Develop a professional network • Practice critical thinking and problem solving skills in a corporate environment • Understand how to prepare for interviews and professional meetings During the Corporate Residency program, students will participate in strategically designed day-long visits to our partner host companies, where participants will: • Learn about our host company’s history, mission, business model and product line from company leaders • Learn about the company’s culture and impact from a panel of employees • Be paired a mentor to observe daily routines and learn the necessary skills to be successful in the position • Be assigned a case study for review, analysis, and presentation The Corporate Residency program will be supplemented by meetings during the school year where participants will continue to engage in skill- building and career readiness activities. 1.1M JOBS IN CA WILL REQUIRE A COLLEGE DEGREE BY 2020