Corporate Publications BOP Strategic Health Services Plan Summary

Strategic Health Services Plan Implementation Roadmap 2017/18 Increase health promotion and prevention for tobacco, obesity and housing FUTURE STATE 2027 Develop health care homes Scope technologies for shared care planning Healthy, Thriving Communities Kia Momoho Te Hāpori Oranga Develop a health workforce development plan Improve patient experience through the hospital Increase pace and scale of Health in all Policies 2016/2017 Community consultation to help develop the Strategic Health Services Plan SUMMARY Coordinate healthcare across the community Establish shared care planning Create a whole-of-system information dataset Strengthen relationships between hospital and community services Co-design service improvements with patients Define future scope and mix of hospital services KEY Strategic Objective Actions Strategic Health Services Plan 2017 - 2027 2018 Ensure 80% of our workforce is trained in engaging effectively with Māori BAY OF PLENTY Infrastructure Actions