Cornerstone Foundation Digital Community Newsletter Cornerstone Newsletter Fall 2017 - Page 9

Cornerstone Shelters


We realize that it’s a little early for Thanksgiving, but each and every day we truly “give thanks” at Cornerstone! We give thanks first and foremost to God – “Give thanks to the LORD, for he is good; his love endures forever.” 1 Chronicles 16:34

When you begin to understand the complexity and depth of the need of so many of those we serve at Cornerstone, it becomes evident that none of us alone have what it takes to solve other people’s problems. But as we’re reminded in 2 Corinthians, "My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness." Weakness is what we should feel at these times and we readily admit we need God’s blessing to accomplish any good at Cornerstone.

As other area shelters in the suburbs of Greater Hartford have closed in recent years, demand for our shelter has greatly increased. Much more of our time now is spent preventing homelessness in the first place and while it is time consuming, the results are rewarding.

Cornerstone Shelter could not function without our small team of dedicated staff who need to deal with a wide range of personalities and life issues. These are the front line workers who are so vital to helping those we serve. Their care and concern for others is unsurpassed! We are so thankful for them!

And we thank YOU! The support Cornerstone receives from so many of you in the community is so encouraging. Your willing service as volunteers, your time, your donations, your concern for others and your talents allows Cornerstone to serve others! Most importantly, we always covet your prayers. Prayer support is vital to everything we try to do!

Clairvaux House

Cornerstone has been so blessed to be able to open a family shelter this year. Our Founder and Executive Director Helen Syriac, upon hearing the plea from a homeless family with young children picked up the phone and contacted Fr. Rick from St. Bernard Church. The result is the Church allowing Cornerstone to open Clairvaux House, a formerly vacant building the church owns.

Just recently our first family successfully

completed a stay at the house. The family came in with uncertainty about their future, but once they had the safety and stability that everyone seeks, they left on solid footing and a hope for a better future! Their life’s trajectory that has been positively affected was the result of so many groups and individuals getting involved on so many levels. When people are given a fresh start in life and form good relationships, making better decisions becomes easier. Hope becomes a reality.

While we know that many people will do better if given a better chance, not everyone has the fortitude to succeed. While many churches, agencies, and individuals worked diligently to help this family, we are so proud of this mom who overcame great odds for the sake of her children. With the supportive relationships that were built, the family relationships that were strengthened and the hope for a new future, we ask you to continue to pray with us that this family continues to flourish and be an example of what can happen when people care about each other.

Shelter Director Bryan Flint, Sr.

There are so many kind people in our community and they always are asking how to help. Below is a list of needed items by our shelters.


-Quality toilet paper and paper towels

-Laundry detergent, Fabric softener & Bleach

-Glass Cleaner

-New underwear (male & female)

- Feminine products

-Volunteers for rides for medical appt.

-Donations toward utility costs

-Your prayers for those we serve

To arrange your donation, please call the Shelter after 6 pm at 860-875-6343 or The Cornerstone main number at 860-871-1823 during the day.