Cornerstone Foundation Digital Community Newsletter Cornerstone Newsletter Fall 2017 - Page 11



Dear Friends of Cornerstone,

I was so touched by this young man's attitude that I would like to share the following story:

He is a young man who has special needs. You cannot help but love him. I will call him Ronny. Ronny is a shelter client who will tell anyone who will listen that he has special needs. I don't know of one shelter client who dislikes him, in fact they encourage him include him in their conversations. Many of their conversations are about finding jobs and many of them are working at McDonald's. Ronny, hearing this, decided to apply for a job there. His friends in the shelter did all that they could to help him.

One morning Ronny came into my office and said, "I got a job at McDonald's and I go for training in Manchester." Ronny has been working for a few weeks now as a cook and he likes to tell people he has never seen so many chicken nuggets in his life!

Ronny may have special needs but he also has the wisdom to know that to make things happen he has to try. He tells me often, "I am strong." I agree. He is a young man whose challenges are accompanied by an amazing strength.

Please keep Ronny and all of our clients in your prayers. Please keep Cornerstone in your prayers.



Cornerstone Founder

Helen Syriac