Corbin Independent School Directory 2018 - Page 8

CORBIN MIDDLE SCHOOL Corbin Middle School (Grades 6-8) Principal: Christi Lefevers Address: 50 Ed McNeel Drive Corbin, KY 40701 Phone: 606-523-3619 Fax: 606-523-3261 Email: christi.lefevers@ “ Truly phenomenal” are the words Corbin Middle School Principal Christi Lefevers used to described the new facility that sixth-, seventh- and eighth-grade students will be learning in this fall. “If we consider the entire school with the state-of-the-art technology, it is truly phe- nomenal,” Lefevers said. “I don’t think any- thing around compares to it. One of our initiatives in Kentucky is to be that 21st century classroom. We want to send kids out college and career ready, and the way to Page 8 | Corbin Independent Schools | August 2018 compete in this society, in this time period is to be techno savvy.” The new middle school building will host sixth through eighth grade students and will create many new opportunities for the students to learn. “I couldn’t be more excited — it’s beauti- ful,” Math Enrichment and Geometry Teacher Kim Hamlin said during the open house for the school in July 2018. “There’s so much room and the hallways are so wide and big.” Hamlin, like several other teachers, is PRINCIPAL Christi Lefevers