Corbin Independent School Directory 2018 - Page 20

CENTER CONTINUED FROM PAGE 19 located at 901 South Main Street.  Corbin Educational Center is operated by the Corbin Board of Education in cooperation with the Kentucky Department of Juvenile Justice and Kentucky Educational Collaborative for State Agency Children.  The Corbin Educational Center is a specialized treatment and educational program for both male and female youth, ages 10-18, with present problems of pre-delinquent behav- ior, and/or having difficulty in the regular school setting.  Youth with no pending or past delinquent charges are also Page 20 | Corbin Independent Schools | August 2018 admitted, due to indications or delinquent and acting out behavior on the part of the youth.  Primary referral sources are Corbin and Williamburg Independent and Whitley County Schools,  Whitley County Juvenile Court System, Department of Community Based Services, and the Department of Juvenile Justice.    Our Mission Statement at Corbin Educational Center is: “Every Student, Every Day.”