Corbin Independent School Directory 2018 - Page 18

CORBIN PRESCHOOL CENTER Corbin Preschool Center Principal: Tammy Lacefield Address: 601 Master Street Corbin, KY 40701 Phone: 606-523-3612 Fax: 606-523-3618 Email: tammy.lacefield@corbin. T here is nothing quite as hopeful as a new begin- ning.  No matter the grade level, the start of a new school year brings feelings of excitement and anticipation.   At Corbin Preschool Center, we have the distinct pleasure of being the very first school experience for many children. Our staff recognizes the great responsibility and opportunity for children to receive the best possible start to their educational journey. In order to meet the needs of families within the Corbin community, Corbin Preschool offers a variety of early childhood and pre- school programs to serve children ranging from one year through five years of age. The Early Start program, serving chil- dren from 1 to 2 years of age, utilizes devel- opmentally appropriate activities and rou- tines which promote social, emotional, and cognitive development.   For 3- and 4-year-old children, we have a variety of preschool programs available including Kindergarten Prep and Montessori. Service options range from half-day pro- grams running four or five days per week to full-day programs with wrap around child care services.   Tuition programs are available on a first- come, first-serve basis. Regardless of ability to pay, Corbin Preschool offers preschool programs for chil- dren the year before kindergarten whose families meet income guidelines and children who may meet other eligibility requirements. Lead teachers hold certifications in Page 18 | Corbin Independent Schools | August 2018 Interdisciplinary Early Childhood Education, Montessori, and/or state creden- tials for the area in which they are teach- ing.  Although the preschool programs at the center are diverse in teaching methods and curriculum, all programs at Corbin Preschool Center have the common goal of providing young children with a solid foun- dation socially, emotionally, and academi- cally.  Additionally, all programs are guided by the Kentucky Department of Education’s Early Childhood Standards to successfully prepare children for primary school. To meet our professional staff or for more information on how to register your child, please contact the center at 606-523- 3612.  We look forward to a great year full of excitement, curiosity, and all the hope that is abundant in a preschool child.