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may seem monotonous at first glance. However, you would need to look again. Every August I’m like a kid in a candy store. I can’t wait to get a new school year started. “Back To School” means a new start; a chance to correct mistakes, chart a fresh course. It means renewing old friendships and making new ones. Every year is different and exciting. We find ourselves in the unique situation of having only one grade level at Corbin Intermediate as we begin the 2018-19 school year. Some may look at this as a negative. I see great pos- sibilities ahead. We have the opportunity to create a true family atmosphere like we never have before. We have made great prog- ress over the years and we continue to be recognized as one of the leading schools in the Commonwealth of Kentucky. We set high goals and we work hard to achieve them. But I want to assure you that this work goes well beyond the numbers. We know each student is an individual, bringing unique talents and needs to school every day. We pride ourselves on the opportuni- ties that we have available to help every student succeed. These opportunities are included in our academic programming, which ensures that each student is chal- lenged appropriately while building a foundation of knowledge and skills. In addition to basic core sub- jects, students have access to electives, extracurricular activities and other resources (such as the library, art, music, makers lab, etc.) And we offer a wide range of ser- vices that support the total child, including social/emo- tional supports, counseling, Best Heating and Air PRINCIPAL Bill Jones after school learning oppor- tunities and more. We are always looking to the future, searching for new strategies to help students succeed and preparing them for what comes next. The work is not easy. But Corbin Intermediate School is a community of profes- sionals. We all – teachers, principals, school counsel- ors, support staff and the many others working with us – are collaborating to cre- ate a safe, supportive, wel- coming learning community where all students are treated fairly and have the opportu- nity to reach their full potential. Families and other com- munity members play a crit- ical role as partners in sup- porting both your students at home and our work in the schools. We look for- ward to getting to know you and hope that you will feel free to visit our school and truly become a part of our school family. You can connect with our school through Twitter@cis- redhounds, Instagram@cis- redhounds and Facebook@ Corbin Intermediate School. Please do not hesitate to contact us. We are here to serve you and your children. Bill Jones, Principal Corbin Intermediate School Thank You For your trust in us! We have been providing service since 1959. We also provide service for every make, model and manufacturer. Our Customers are # 1 IT TAKES 833 North Mill St. | London, KY 606-864-5146 | August 2018 | Corbin Independent Schools | Page 11