Coral Reef Destruction 1 - Page 9

10 Things You Can Do To Help

1. Conserve Water! All water will

eventually lead to the oceans and could potentially expose reefs to harmful chemicals

2. Only buy marine fish that have been collected in an ecologically safe way or avoid buying fish altogether

3. Don't use sunscreens that contain oxybenzone as it breaks down the coral

4. When diving follow all rules and guidlines set by the dive companies and don't touch anything

5. Support organizations that are dedicated to helping reefs

6. Encourage neighbors, friends, and others to help support local organizations

7. Don't use fertilizers or pesticides as the runoff will lead to oceans

8. Report any dumping or other illegal activities

9. Don't drop anchor when boating near reefs as it could cause serious damage to the reef

10. Volunteer with local organizations dedicated to protecting the reefs,beach, or coast.

By Nick Parker