Coral Reef Destruction 1 - Page 6

Effects on Humans By: Malcolm Murrell-Byrd

Effects on Humans

Loss of coral reefs greatly effects the food security, income and stability of of the whole ecosystem including humans. Without coral reefs coastal disasters will become worse as they act as a barrior. As global warming already worses and increases the tropical storms

Effrects on the Economy

The costs of destroying 1km of coral reef ranges between US$137,000-1,200,000 over a 25-year period. And in Southeast Asia's coral reef fisheries alone are estimated to yield US$ 2.4 billion annually. As coral reefs are only 1% of the marine ocean it has 25% of its species and proves billions of dollars all over the world in fishing industries and tourism.

without one of our only natural protecters coastal cities will be at risk. More than 450 million people live within 60 kilometres of coral reefs, with the majority directly or indirectly deriving food and income from them. As Coral is important for protection and food security for humans it is also a large economic importance for it to thrive.