Coral Reef Destruction 1 - Page 4

Climate Change Effects the Reefs

The rising temperatures have affects almost every coral reef in a negative way. Many have been killed or are dying. In the Philippines over 70% of the reefs have been destroyed and only 5% can be said to be in good condition. Climate change can affect the reefs in many ways. One cause of destruction is from the melting ice caps. This causes sea levels to rise therefore making it impossible for coral reefs to obtain the amount of sunlight that is necessary for their survival. When reefs die, they release the carbon dioxide that they have been storing which warms the planet further. Another cause of death for reefs is the warming of the ocean. When habitat conditions change, is causes coral bleaching which eventually kills the corals. Climate change has huge effects on the world that need to be stopped as soon as possible.

By: Caroline Aubrey