Conversations Catalogue: Canada Feb. 2016 - Page 9

Actionable Conversations: Engagement Through Dialogue Actionable Conversations is a 21st century approach to developing 21st century culture and leadership. Leveraging top insights from the world’s leading business books, our programs focus on conversation and action, helping your team members not only stay current on the most cutting edge business ideas, but actively (and measurably) put those concepts into practice. Through Actionable Conversation Starters—60-minute, leader-led team learning modules—your people are not only gaining new skills, but growing stronger as a team as well. Actionable Conversations have been proven to increase productivity, employee retention and team morale. How Do Actionable Conversations Work? Your Actionable Consultant will help you identify the key areas to focus on, and the desired ROI for the program. Focusing on both the individual team and corporate needs as a whole, your consultant will build an overall curriculum — a storyline — that is typically 10 modules. Scheduling is quick and easy for your internal team leader through Actionable’s online platform. Once a month, the team leader will schedule a session. The system automatically sends the participants an article to read and sends the leader materials for preparation. With access to the Leader Notes and the “Train the Trainer” video, the leader will prepare to host their team’s conversation. While preparation takes longer the first time, typically only 25-30 minutes of prep time is needed to get ready for a session. Actionable Conversations follow a fairly structured path: For the first 5-10 minutes, the leader will share a concept from a popular business book. For the next 45 minutes, the team will analyze that concept and figure out how it applies within their own team dynamic and organization. At the end of the session, each team member makes a commitment. Team members log their commitment into the Actionable Engine. Automated daily check-ins, an accountability buddy, and monthly team leader follow-up are used to track each team member’s progress. This 3-step process will identify whether the behaviour change took place and track it back to the organization’s key business metrics. Leader-led coaching happens alongside the Actionable Engine. Throughout the month the leader is aware of the commitments and can provide support to team members. We provide tips, tools, and techniques to have these coaching conversations in 10 minutes or less. WWW.ACTIONABLECONVERSATIONS.COM 9