Conversations Catalogue: Canada Feb. 2016 - Page 8

Developing Engaged 21st Century Teams The 21st century is a time of fierce competition in the business world. Our top employees have more options than ever before and are actively looking for opportunities that allow them to develop themselves, personally and professionally. Meanwhile, clients are looking for an exceptional experience from the companies they interact with. As leaders of a 21st century organization, you need to be actively building an organizational culture that supports your employees; a culture that promotes engagement, collaboration and innovation. Through seven years of research and conversations with thousands of clients and consultants, we’ve determined that there are six core competencies required for success in the face of today’s competitive realities: • Role & Culture Fit • Self-Management • Team • Communication • Thinking Relationships drive engagement & engagement drives business success. • Le Y\\H\ۈ[[ۜ]\X\\Hݙ\\H^\X\\HY[][ۈو[[YY[]YX[Y[ۙH]B[[]]YH^[ۙZ\؈\ܚ\[ۈ[H\XHوZ\X[KZ\\[H[ ܈Z\\Y\H\H8'[Y[Y[8'H]Y\[ ][[X][K]8&\[ܙH\X]Y[[][ۜ\ˈBX\ۜ[H]Z]Z\؜\X]\HوH[][ۜ\^H]H] JHZ\[ HZ\[[YYX]Hܚ[ܛ\ [][ۜ\]H[Y[Y[ [[Y[Y[]\\[\X\˂ːPSӐPPӕTUSӔː