Conversations Catalogue: Canada Feb. 2016 - Page 6

Actionable Conversations: Good for Individuals, Teams & Organizations Investing just 1 hour/month into Actionable Conversations... Develops Stronger Leaders Develops Individual Skills • The best way to learn is to teach. • 42 modules to choose from, ensuring relevant learning. • Develops facilitation & coaching skills. • Increases leadership credibility. • Fresh insights from popular business books. Enhances Team Culture • The #1 factor affecting employee engagement is workplace relationships. • Sessions foster deeper relationships & trust • Teams work through real business issues in a collaborative format. Better conversations drive better relationships. Better relationships drive better engagement. And better engagement drives virtually every business metric you’d care to measure. Actionable Conversations provide busy team leaders with the tools for: a) Better Group Conversations Improving employee relationships & their own leadership credibility. b) Better One-to-One Conversations Strengthening individual relationships & developing a coaching habit. c) Enhanced Accountability Understanding what motivates each team member & supporting them in their self- directed growth. d) Improved Team Dynamics Helping the team gel around aligned objectives & shared understandings. 6 WWW.ACTIONABLECONVERSATIONS.COM