Conversations Catalogue: Canada Feb. 2016 - Page 36

Corporate Spring Cleaning At the rate business is changing these days, you’re either changing with it or getting passed by the competition. We need to see the world of our industry through perpetually fresh eyes and always be asking “Why?” Improve efficiency and increase team buy-in on company processes. WHAT YOU’LL BE COVERING • Question the reasoning for everything you (and your company) does. • Evaluate the positive (or not) impact of current activity; improve efficiency and/or recommit to the important aspects of our daily routines. • Define and reconnect to our c ܙH\H[\[HX\ۜ܈[K'H[]X]HX[H\\[ۜXH[][\Y\˜[HY^H[\\[\YY\˸'B%TPSPPАKSQPSԐTSԐSHSSTHTPT‘^[]H[[’[Yܘ]]H[[\H[و[[YX\[[\Z[]ۘK[[ܚ[Y[HܙX]H[][]\\[ۋ[\۝\][ۂH^ܙH[\[Y[X\[&\XX[[\ۈܚ[]\˂USx&SHՑTS¸(A\\Hۘ\و8'[]['H\Y\YX\\[\[K(AۜY\HXYX؛[H[H۝^وH\\X]H[ (A\\[[\]Y\[ۜ؛[HH[[[\]\Z]H]X][ۋ͸ SS•ːPSӐPPӕTUSӔː